Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Hottie alert!

I love foreign films, especially Indian ones. If you have been reading my blog long enough, you already know my grandfather was a film producer and screenwriter in Bombay for 40 years. So, Bollywood films hold a special place in my heart.

I recently watched an Indian movie that was ridiculously cheesy and goofy. It's called Dostana.

Basically, the film is about two gorgeous guys living in Miami who pretend to be gay so they can share a fabulous apartment with a similarly gorgeous girl. Hilarity ensues.

But this isn't a film review. You see, I kind of, sort of, majorly have a crush on one of the actors, John Abraham.

After seeing this picture, do I really need to explain why?

Upon seeing Dostana, I immediately looked up this beautiful creature.

Apparently John, from Mumbai, started out as a supermodel in India during the 1990s and then started acting in films around ten years ago. He is currently dating some Indian actress, but let's be honest here: He's only with her because he hasn't met ME yet. Haha.

My crush is growing with such intensity, I can't even hide it from my parents. Yesterday, my dad caught me browsing photos of a shirtless John online, with a big grin on my face. My dad said I am "sick" and that I have an "unhealthy obsession." He said I should spend more time studying important things like physics and math, rather than looking at silly boys. Hmmm...

Here are some of my favorite photos of John.

You're welcome. ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking fab in April

Thank you everyone for being so sweet.

It sucks that I just can't catch a break these days.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my outfits with you.

I am sorry for the lack of outfit posts. Some of you share your outfits every single day, which impresses me. I'm afraid if I tried to do the same, you would basically see four days of pajama posts and then maybe a cute outfit or two in between. Haha.

This past week, I did have a few excuses to dress up, which was nice.

Here they are:

Skirt, Gordmans ($9!!); shirt, Express; Tod's flats.

A close up of the necklace. It was a Christmas present from my mom last year and I'm not sure where she got it. But I love it.

Denim jacket, Express; corduroy skirt, Ann Taylor; shirt, Limited; Tod's flats; Prada bag

Ruffled cardigan, White House/Black Market; Etro shirt; Ralph Lauren denim skirt; not pictured: Tod's flats

I wish my outfit photos were more glamorous. But, alas, this is the best I can do for now.

What do you think? :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm still here...

I hope you all are having a great weekend.

I have been a horrible blogger lately and for that, I'm sorry.

My life has recently become incredibly stressful. I can't even bring myself to talk about it.

On a happier note, I finally had a much-needed girls night out on Saturday.

It was nice to get away, but even partying all night can't get rid of the problems.

That's life, right?

Love you lots. Please bear with me while I spend some time getting my life together...xoxo.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Carice van Houten

So, apparently I've transformed into a movie blogger these days. But I guess that's what happens when you're fabulously unemployed and have nothing better to do with your time.

Plus, I just saw another movie that blew my mind: Zwartboek (Black Book). Romance, passion, adventure, danger, and lust. This thriller has it all.

The story focuses on Rachel, played by the stunning Carice van Houten, who is a Jewish singer fleeing from the Nazis during World War II. She is taken under the wing of a resistance group which persuades her to seduce a Nazi commander and take down the enemy from within.

The mystery and suspense woven throughout the plot literally kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire film. The storyline was rich with fascinating historical anecdotes and three-dimensional characters. It was really refreshing to see a World War II action movie that focused on a strong, beautiful woman.

Which leads me to admit: I've developed a little crush on Carice van Houten. Actually, I kind of adore her. This 33-year-old actress plays her part so beautifully and immaculately, it took my breath away. I was mesmerized by her beauty and charm and wit during the entire film.

Although the Dutch movie star had already starred in several films, it was Zwartboek's release in 2006 which gave her international fame. In 2008 she starred in Valkyrie with Tom Cruise and this year she stars in Repo Men with Jude Law.

Isn't she lovely?

I hope you all put Zwartboek on your movie lists. You will thank me later! xoxo

Monday, April 19, 2010

Zabriskie Point

It has been a long time since a film or a book has really made me think.

When I picked up Zabriskie Point from the library this weekend, I wasn't expecting anything special to happen. In fact, when I watched the film, nothing did. I thought the film was kind of boring, a little too preachy, and way too abstract.

But for the past two days, I can't get this film out of my head. Images from it haunt me and the more I analyze the film, the more it makes sense.

Zabriskie Point is a film, by Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, which paints the landscape of 1960s America. It follows two 20-something Americans as their lives cross in an unexpected way.

Mark Frechette plays the sexy rebel-without-a-cause Mark, a college dropout who gets caught up in the radical movement of 1960s young America. Daria Halprin plays the sweet college student Daria who works part-time for a property developer building subdivisions in the California desert. Their lives intersect during a road trip to Phoenix.

I don't want to give too much of the film away. But it's a film that deals with the same problems America is facing today:

-Youth who are tired of feeling powerless
-Authority figures who abuse power
-Corporations inflicting culture
-Unhappiness derived from everything and yet nothing

The film was so radical for its time (there is a dusty orgy scene that takes place in a desert, along with several liberal themes) that production was continuously harassed by right-wing groups and the FBI.

Unfortunately, the film was so abstract and political, it ended up being a box office failure when it hit movie theaters in 1970. But it has since become a cult classic.

And I think many viewers of this film have the same reaction as me. Images of despair and uncertainty linger at the edge of memory. Visions of love and hate intertwine.

What I found even more fascinating was the real-life story of the two young actors themselves.

Mark and Daria fell in love during the filming of Zabriskie Point and after filming, they moved to a commune near Boston. In 1973, Mark and a few of his fellow cult members robbed a bank near the commune and were caught. To shed light on how similar Mark was to his Zabriskie Point character, here is his explanation for the bank robbery: "It would be like a direct attack on everything that is choking this country to death." In 1975, however, Mark died in prison during a freak weight-lifting accident.

Daria, on the other hand, went on to marry actor Dennis Hopper and co-founded a dance therapy institute with her mother.

I highly recommend this film to everyone. Love it or hate it, the message is clear: The world needs to change.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

All you need is love

You love me! You really love me!

Haha. I just wanted to share a few awards I received recently.

They make me happy.

I received this adorable award from Missy over at The Fashion Fusion. Thanks, sweetie!

For the Cherry on Top award I have to first...

List 3 things I love about myself :

1) My healthy hair (never been dyed or highlighted!)

2) My sense of humor (I hate to brag, but I'm fucking hilarious)

3) My writing skills (not too shabby?)

Post a picture I love:

Tag five people to pass this award to:

1. Cocamia

2. Hope Chella

3. Magpie Girl

4. [monstrosity at the arcade]

5. Cafe Fashionista

Next up is the Stylish Blogger Award from Hope Chella. Thank you so much!

I will give this award to:

1. With a Wink and a Smile

2. The Fashion Fusion

3. Bittersweet Life

4. Denise Katipunera

5. Kimberellie Miss Furnellie

Finally, Mina at [monstrosity at the arcade] gave me this last lovely award. Thanks, Mina!

For this award, I must...

1.Give a top 10 list of the things that make me happy.

-when a lipstick actually looks good on me
-finding money I didn't know I had
-taking that first bite into a creamy, delicious cupcake
-discovering a decent photo of myself
-watching a television sitcom that is genuinely funny.
-when my laptop works
-being successful at a new skill
-actually having enough time to blog
-Shopping for clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry
-Hanging out with my friends

2.Give a top 5 list of trivia or facts about myself:

-I live in Kate Spade's hometown
-I am allergic to cats
-I went to the same elementary school as Brad Pitt
-I hate onions
-I am kind of obsessed with jalapeno cream cheese

3. Share the award with only 5 friends and ask them to do the same thing.

1. Melanie's Randomness
2. Ocean Dreams
3. Tia Cherie
4. Getting Fit and Loving It
5. Tales of a Wondering Star

Thanks again to all these lovely ladies for the awards. And make sure to check out their blogs!

Monday, April 12, 2010

An artsy weekend

There is nothing like art, wine, and a few close friends to make a miserable weekend bearable.

Despite being sick, I managed to sneak in a little bit of fun.

Kerrie, her boyfriend, Rian, and I went to a local art museum this weekend to see Kerrie's art history professor give a presentation.

Beforehand we had a lovely picnic with hummus, salad, fresh fruit, and red wine.

It was divine.

Afterward, we spent a couple hours unwinding at a nearby hookah bar. Delicious!

...and then I spent the rest of the weekend in bed with a box of Kleenex and bottles of pills. Ugh. (I was recently diagnosed with severe bronchitis and seasonal allergies).

What did you do this weekend??

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Eight Things

A lot of you have been asking how I am lately and honestly, I have been avoiding the question because things still aren't looking up and I hate to complain.

My laptop is still broke, I am sick AGAIN, and I am no closer to having a job now than I was a few months ago.

That being said, there are a couple happy things to report. My boyfriend recently found out that a surgery he desperately needs, but cannot afford, may be paid for by a non-profit organization in the area, which specializes in helping US residents without health insurance. This is a huge deal, so it has made him quite happy and therefore, me happy.

Also, last night I took a sewing class at a fabric shop and finally learned how to sew!

I'm not going to lie. It was very difficult and for a majority of the time, I did not know what I was doing. My 80-year-old teacher, however, kept insisting I was doing "marvelous." I'm not sure if she was just humoring me or if I was accidentally doing everything correctly.

Somehow, I ended up making this pillowcase. The teacher was so thrilled, she displayed it for the rest of the class as an example. Yay!

A couple days ago, the adorable Rachel over at The Redhead Fashionista tagged all her readers to do an Eight Things Tag, should they so desire.

Of course, I had to do it.

Eight TV shows I like to watch:
1) America's Next Top Model
2) Beverly Hills, 90210
3) The Office
4) Arrested Development
5) Saturday Night Live
6) The Simpsons
7) Desperate Housewives
8) The Tudors

Eight favorite places to eat and drink:
1) Chipotle
2) Olive Garden
3) McCormick & Schmick
4) Indian restaurant
5) Middle Eastern restaurant
6) Steak & Shake
7) Starbucks
8) Sushi restaurant

Eight things I look forward to:
1) Seeing Lady Gaga in concert in August
2) Summer
3) Losing weight
4) Visiting my bff/sister Jenn this summer
5) Getting a job (a.k.a. having money to spend on clothes)
6) Rian getting his surgery!!
7) Winning the lottery (this is my year, I can feel it!)
8) Learning how to sew something more complicated than a pillowcase

Eight things that happened yesterday:
1) I went out to lunch with Rian
2) I learned how to sew
3) I watched America's Next Top Model
4) I cleaned my apartment
5) I read blogs
6) I went to the library
7) I chatted with my parents for an hour
8) I went for a walk

Eight things I like about winter:
1) Christmas
2) Wearing my fabulous coats
3) Hot cocoa
4) Snow days (when I was a kid)
5) My birthday
6) Roasting marshmallows in the fire place
7) buying new winter clothes
8) Snuggling on the sofa with a good book during a snowstorm

Eight things on my wish list:
1) a new laptop
2) an iphone
3) a new apartment
4) a magic weight loss pill
5) a cool new job
6) glasses that actually look cute on me
7) green contacts (just because)
8) sapphire earrings (to match my ring and necklace)

Eight things I'm passionate about:
1) journalism
2) blogging (even though I've been a terrible blogger lately)
3) fashion
4) friends
5) family
6) history
7) ethnic food
8) traveling

Eight words or phrases I use often:
1) I know, right?
2) Holy crap
3) What a douchebag
4) Um, okay
5) Jesus
6) That's insane
7) Just sayin'
8) Lame

Eight things I've learned from the past:
1) Don't procrastinate.
2) Social networking sites should not be used as weapons.
3) Drive carefully.
4) Always check the expiration date of the milk.
5) When the "check engine" light turns on in your car, check it.
6) Have a savings account for emergencies.
7) Never get too comfortable in your job.
8) Cherish the important people in your life. Nobody lasts forever.

Eight places I would love to visit/see:
1) France
2) England
3) Ireland
4) India
5) Sweden
6) Italy
7) Alaska
8) Hawaii

Eight things I currently want/need:
1) I need a job.
2) I need my health back.
3) I want to lose 20 pounds.
4) I want to go shopping.
5) I need a new car.
6) I want to hang out with my best friend this weekend.
7) I need to have a healthier lifestyle.
8) I want to go on a fabulous vacation.

I tag all my readers to participate in this tag! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What the f#@% documentaries

I love documentaries. Does that make me a nerd? Perhaps. But I don't care. I'm a cute nerd, right?

Learning about new subjects or people or history through imagery and narration and interviews and theories is completely fascinating to me. I guess that's why I'm a journalist.

Documentaries with random topics have a special place in my heart. I still remember that one day in American History class during my junior year of high school, when my teacher made us watch a documentary on President Garfield. James Garfield was only president for less than a year (before being assassinated). My fellow classmates were bored to tears with the film. Most of them slept at their desks, others talked quietly amongst themselves, and a few worked on assignments for other classes (these were the days before texting or ipods). But I was riveted. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. There was one harrowing moment during the documentary, when the narrator described the tragic death of Garfield's infant daughter. It had me in tears. I was so moved, I didn't even care that the hottest guy in class was staring at me like I was insane. The documentary was THAT GOOD.

With all the dozens of documentaries I have seen in the past few years, there are a few that I know will stick with me forever. They are the most bizarre, most random documentaries I have ever seen. They are the ones that had me staring at the screen, thinking "um, wtf."

I decided to share these gems with you. Put them on your netflix list, rent them at Blockbuster, or check them out at your local library. You won't regret it. Trust me.

Grizzly Man

Werner Herzog is the strangest and probably most brilliant filmmaker in the world. His 2005 documentary, Grizzly Man, shows us why. He follows the story of Timothy Treadwell, a man who was so obsessed with bears, he moved to Alaska to LIVE with them. Like, as a fellow bear. While doing this, Timothy also manages to snag an actual girlfriend who comes to live amongst the bears with him. (She was either crazy in love, or just crazy. Maybe both). Unfortunately, the moral of the story is that humans can't live with grizzly bears.

The King of Kong

I picked up this 2007 documentary from the library, thinking it would be harmless and fun. Instead, it kind of creeped me out. The story revolves around Steve Wiebe, an all-American husband and father who decides to take up the video game, Donkey Kong, while unemployed. Steve is just a nice, suburban guy who thought it would be fun to try and beat the world record for the game. But when he tries, he finds himself caught up in the seedy underbelly of the Donkey Kong world, which is ruled by Billy Mitchell, the current champion of 25 years. Scary Billy & his middle-aged fan club circle poor Steve like sharks, making sure his scores don't even come close...

My Kid Could Paint That

Have you ever seen a piece of modern art at a museum and thought it looked like something a kindergartner drew? Well, it might have been. This 2007 documentary focuses on four year old Marla Olmstead, of New York, who became a huge hit in the abstract art world with her paintings. In fact, her paintings became so popular, they started selling for thousands of dollars per piece. The documentary takes an interesting turn when it examines whether or not Marla was even the one creating these phenomenal artworks, or if she had help. Also, if a four-year-old is scribbling on a blank canvas, without any reasoning, should it really be considered art?

In the Realms of the Unreal

Sometimes geniuses can be found right under our noses. This 2004 documentary, narrated by Dakota Fanning, reveals the brilliance of Henry Darger, a janitor who had no friends or family. While alone in his pitiful little apartment, he spent hours working on his 15,000 page novel, titled, "The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion." It was illustrated with hundreds of drawings and watercolors. His life's work was only discovered after his death in 1973. Warning: This documentary will make your head spin.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Another genius, but this time a musical one. Daniel Johnston is a manic-depressive singer, songwriter, and performer who shook up the burgeoning alternative rock scene in the 80s and 90s while living in Austin, Texas. His bizarre and raw material turned off a lot of people but also brought him a huge cult following, which includes fans such as Kurt Cobain and Johnny Depp. Its his heartbreaking personal life, however, which makes this documentary a must-see.

So, what are some of your favorite documentaries?