Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Choose Your Own Chick-Lit Adventure!

Have you ever wanted to write your very own chick lit novel? Have you ever dreamed of being the next Sophie Kinsella or Jennifer Weiner? Well, guess what. You can be! Your hand-crafted chick lit novel is only one simple little recipe away.
I've provided all the main ingredients. The rest is up to you! Have fun!

What is your heroine's name?

A. Emma

B. Jane

C. Elizabeth

D. Sophie

Where does she live?

A. London

B. New York City

C. Los Angeles

D. Toronto

What is her job?

A. Journalist

B. Publicist

C. Fashion Blogger

D. Casting Agent

Who is her sidekick?

A. Fabulous gay bestie! (he's a hair stylist)

B. Straight male best friend (your heroine has known him her entire life, but would NEVER fall in love with him...or would she?)

C. Chubby female best friend who is married with two young children (she envies your "glamorous" single life!)

D. Thin, sarcastic dark-haired best friend who is an attorney and dresses in all black (she's cynical of men and never wants children)

What is your heroine's main goal?

A. Fall in love

B. Get promoted

C. Be famous

D. Lose 20 pounds

Who is your heroine's enemy?

A. Her perfect, gorgeous engaged little sister (that spoiled brat!)

B. Her overbearing mother ("When are you going to get married? You're nearly 30!")

C. That tall ice-cold blonde bitch co-worker (she wants your job...and your man)

D. The ex-boyfriend (he cheated and now he wants a second chance? Yeah, right)

Who is your heroine's love interest?

A. Her hunky boss (he's sophisticated, charming, and filthy rich)

B. Her straight male best friend (she's adorably oblivious that he's her soul mate)

C. That annoying businessman who spilled coffee on her at Starbucks and now appears everywhere (she despises him and refuses to acknowledge that she's attracted to him)

D. That casually cute Jeep-driving vegan with moppy brown hair (he's secretly wealthy!)

What is your conflict?

A. Your heroine tells a little fib that snowballs into a hilarious avalanche of disasters!

B. It's a case of mistaken identity and your heroine doesn't realize it until its too late.

C. She's chasing after true love, without realizing it's right under her nose.

D. Fish out of water scenario! Your heroine is shipped off to a foreign country (or a different time period) and she has no idea what to do! Poor girl.

What is your book's ending?

A. She falls in love

B. She falls in love and gets promoted

C. She falls in love and gets married

D. She falls in love and gets pregnant (oooh, sequel alert!)

What is the title of your book?

A. Confessions of a Thirty-Something

B. A Chocoholic's Guide to Dating & Other Disasters

C. Must Love Martinis

D. Tripping in Heels

Now, tell me about your book!!