Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fashion guest post!

I did a guest post about fitness fashion for my good friend Julie over at ROJ Running. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into researching this post. It's kind of fucking awesome. So you should check it out immediately. ;)

Here's the link!

Women Wore What?!

Catherine the Great


I kind of adore Kate Middleton.

For some reason in the past few days, I've been hit with Royal Wedding Fever.

Which is weird because I haven't been interested in the British royal family for a very long time.

When I was 12, I developed a huge crush on Prince William. I had a poster of him in my room and a handmade scrapbook with photos of him which I had lovingly cut out and pasted. Then, his mother passed away and soon every single teenage girl in the world fell in love with him. It was Prince William mania! His dreamy schoolboy face was splashed all over the news and tabloids.

So, naturally, I lost interest. Plus, Titanic was released in theaters and I quickly moved on to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Years later, when I was a freshman in college, I saw the following photo of Will's new girlfriend in People Magazine. I'm not gonna lie, I thought Kate was a floozy.

But after a while it became apparent that that girl was really this girl.

Pretty, but not gorgeous. Kind of boring. Well-educated.

What I love is that Kate is from working class roots. Although she grew up with millionaire parents, her ancestors are made up of miners and carpenters. Her family is literally a rags to riches story with a fairytale ending.

She is symbol to young girls all over the world. Any girl can be a princess. All things are possible.

It broke my heart to read that it took a long time for Kate to become accepted into her new boyfriend's social circles. When they would attend his aristocratic friends' parties, she endured cruel taunts and snide jokes about her working class roots.

Hopefully, once she is a princess, she won't have to face such ignorant maliciousness ever again.

She seems like a respectable, nice girl. I can't recall ever hearing a wild story about her.

Plus, the girl knows how to wear a hat. What's not to love about her?!

She has such elegant style. This photo below shows my favorite of all Kate Middleton's outfits so far.

This wedding makes me feel happy. I think the world needs this royal wedding mania right now.

After all, the world has been filled with depressing news lately, from the Japanese disaster to the Egypt/Libya political fiascoes.

We need a fairytale wedding to brighten our spirits.

I wish the new couple the best of luck in the future. Since they have already been dating for ten years, I have high hopes the marriage will last.

I'll be watching the wedding early Friday morning. Will you?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Final Countdown

I have some very sad news.

This is the last of the questions.

I know some of you have been basing your life and rearranging your schedule around these posts, desperate to learn more about me.

But all good things must come to an end, right?

Maybe in 10 years, I'll do a question post again. But until then, savor every last drop of these upcoming answers.

You're welcome.

Barry asked, "What's your favourite food?"

I am obsessed with hummus. I could eat it every day of the week. In fact, I think I have actually done that before.


"Favourite childhood memory?"

One of my favorite childhood memories is from summer camp when I was 11 years old. My friend and I snuck out of our cabin in the middle of the night and ran for a couple miles outside the campground into a sprawling meadow. We climbed a huge tree and sat there talking for a while. All of the sudden a huge line of horses started galloping underneath us. They must have been wild horses because we weren't anywhere near a ranch or farm. They didn't belong to our camp. No one was even riding them. It was magical and breathtaking.


"What one person has had the greatest positive influence on you?"

This is a tricky question because several people have changed my life in small ways. But I guess the person who influenced it the most was my journalism professor in college.

He was a grizzly old Pulitzer-prize winning reporter who had worked at the Chicago Tribune for 30 years, covered every single war since Vietnam, and was educated at Harvard University. Impressive credentials aside, he was also rumored to be the meanest man on campus. I was terrified to take his class.

The first class we had, he scowled and roared at us and gave us an impossible assignment every single kid in class practically failed. The next day, almost half the class had dropped. I stayed because I needed the intro-to-journalism class to begin my degree. It was the best decision I ever made in my life. I had never learned so much from one person. I worked my ass off in that class and he genuinely appreciated my effort. He went from being a grizzy bear to a teddy bear.

By the end of the class, we both thought the world of each other. I took every single one of his courses for the next three years, until I graduated. Right before I graduated college, he invited me to have a chat in his office and he gave me a beer (totally illegal because we were on campus, lol). During that meeting, he told me I had been his most favorite student he had ever had in his decade of being a professor. He said he was proud of me. It brought me to tears.

Sadly, we don't keep in touch anymore. But I will never forget how he rekindled my passion for journalism and how he sharpened my writing skills tremendously.

and (the next question)

"Who was "the one who got away"? (I think we all have one)."

I don't have one! Maybe I'm too young? I hate to think of having one some day...


"What's an ideal night for you?"

Curling up with Rian on the couch with a home cooked meal, glass of red wine, and watching a classic film.


"If you could sleep with anyone besides Rian or Morrissey who would it be? (If your answer is me, thank you in advance)."

Hahaha! Morrissey? Well, um. I guess James Dean. They don't have bad asses like him in Hollywood anymore.


"How did you get to be so Fucking Fabulous? Did you take an online course or something?"

No, I didn't take a course. But you just gave me a BRILLIANT idea on how to make money these days! Hahaha.

"What makes your hair so shiny?"

I think it's because I actually have multi-colored hair. My hair is made up of black, red, blonde, and brown strands. I think that makes in shine in the light. I don't use hair product.


"Does Bigfoot exist?"

Probably. Nothing shocks me anymore.


"Do you believe men and women can just be friends, without one having 'those thoughts' about the other? I'm not talking about our friendship though because, umm, never mind."

Every situation is different. I think it can be done, but it totally depends on the two individuals.


"What are your five best qualities?"

I like my teeth, my eyes, my writing skills, my hair, and my ability to quickly detect bullshit.


"If you could be doing anything right now what would it be?"

I would be visiting my friend Jonny in Branson because I miss him terribly.

btd asked, "How do you sleep? On your back, tummy, side?"

I sleep on my back. I can't sleep any other way.


"Have you ever broken someone's heart?"

So I've been told. It weirds me out. I don't like to think of someone being sad because of me.


"Why you no make youtube videos! I'd love to see your beautiful face!"

That's really sweet of you. I actually don't have a convenient way of making youtube videos anymore. My video recorder hasn't been working recently and my 10-year-old laptop doesn't have a camera attached to it. I'm so poor!


"Favorite magazine?"

W (Two years ago I dropped my subscription to Elle and got W instead. It was a wise decision because I really enjoy the articles in W a lot more. It's a very educational magazine in regards to fashion news).

Jos asked, "What kind of music do you like?"

I love all kinds of music! I think the real question is what don't I like, which includes heavy metal and hardcore rap. Some of my favorite musicians include Morrissey/The Smiths, The Beatles, Neil Young, and Lily Allen.


"Being half-indian (i'm fascinated by the culture) what kind of religion do you practise?"

I'm a boring Lutheran. When my dad came to the USA 41 years ago, he was Hindu. He got invited to live at a Christian hippie commune as soon as he arrived and they converted him. When he married my mom, he became Lutheran.

Ever since I was a kid though, I have been obsessed with reincarnation. I like to think it exists.


"How did you meet your boyfriend?"

Rian and I sat next to each other in our American Literature class during my last year of college. I was actually dating someone else at the time. We never talked, but apparently Rian had a big crush on me.

As soon as I broke up with the other guy, Rian sent me a friend request on facebook and a message. We were facebook pen pals for a few months until he finally worked up the courage to ask me out. Hehe.

Fati asked, "I don't know if it's too late to ask questions, but I have been dying to know what was real and what was fake from your post from December. I'm not actually expecting you to reveal, as that's quite a bit of personal info, but just wanted to let you know I've been wondering for forever!"

You're right, dahhhhling, those answers will go to the grave with me! (Or until they are released in my best-selling memoir. Whatever happens first).

Alicia asked, "If you could live in any setting in any time in history, where, when and why would you choose it?"

I have so many different answers to this question! To think of just one scenario is torture.

I would have loved to have been at Versailles with Marie Antoinette during her prime. The dresses women wore back then were spectacular and the hair was outrageous and the lifestyle was insanely fabulous. Of course, things ended badly...

I would also have loved to have been a 20-something-year-old in London during the swinging 60s. I don't think it gets much more glamorous and fabbing fuckulous than that!

Anyways, I want to thank you all for submitting questions and keeping me preoccupied while I struggled with a personal issue this past week. I am feeling better. I'm not as unhappy anymore. Love you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Answers (Part III)

Are you sick of me yet?

I am still so impressed by the creativity of each question. Kudos to everyone for keeping me entertained! Plus, I keep getting more questions every day, so this could very much turn into a never-ending question blog! Haha. Just kidding, I wouldn't let that happen. ;)

Here we go!

Amber asked, "What is your favorite Jelly Belly flavor?"

I haven't had jelly beans in YEARS! If I remember correctly, my favorite flavor was pina colada. I also liked the buttered popcorn flavor merely for the novelty factor.

Vanilla asked, "If you won the Lottery how would you spend it? And do you think that money is your friend or foe?"

I would take all my closest friends on fabulous vacations. I would buy them cars too. Because what is the point of having a shitload of money if you can't enjoy it with your friends??

And I think money can be your best friend if you treat it right. ;)

Tights Lover asked, "You're alone stranded on a deserted island...but...the news isn't all bad. An ipod with your 10 most favorite songs ever just washed ashore. What are those songs?"

1. Suedehead by Morrissey
2. Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Stills, & Nash
3. The Fear by Lily Allen
4. Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes
5. Across the Universe by The Beatles
6. Like a Prayer by Madonna
7. There is a Light that Never Goes Out by The Smiths
8. All Love Can Be by Charlotte Church
9. Heart of Gold by Neil Young

(I was tempted to have each one be Smiths or Morrissey, but I took your advice! Haha!)

Bonnie asked, "Masturbation: Yay or nay?"

I approve! As long as you do it in privacy. But if you masturbate in front of your open bedroom window at night, with all the lights on, I will videotape you from my living room and put it on youtube. True story.

Lisa asked, "What do you enjoy the most in your life?"

I love to write. It's my passion.

Movies on my Mind asked, "Have you ever done drugs and which ones?"

I think I accidentally smoked pot once. I have no desire to do any drugs though. I have enough problems in my life as it is. Lol.

Some Girl asked, "Twitter or facebook?"

Facebook. I still don't understand Twitter, even though I've had one for two years.

F asked, " I would like to know what do you wanna do in your future..."

My dream is to have a successful career as either a journalist or author and also be a mom.

Rachel asked, "Have you ever travelled outside of the States? If so, where?"

I have not been out of the States yet. Well, I think my parents dragged me to Canada when I was two, but that barely counts. My goal is to at least get to Mexico within the next year. Baby steps, people. Baby steps...


"What is your favourite kind of cake?"

Red velvet!


"What are 5 things about yourself that you love or that you are the most proud of?"

I'm proud that I:

-graduated college at 22
-received an impressive reporting job within a month upon graduating
-haven't gotten knocked up yet
-have good taste
-am open-minded

Mimi asked, "which actress do you want to play you in a movie about your life?"

Mila Kunis because she's adorable and fun. I'm such a complex and fascinating person, I think portraying me in a film could win her the Oscar she so desperately deserves. Plus, I want to give people the illusion that I am hot.

Olga asked, "where do you keep your old childhood toys?"

Most of them are tucked away in my parents' attic. Except for my Cabbage Patch doll. She's safely stored in my closet for safekeeping. My aunt stood in line for five hours at a Toys R' Us in November 1983 so I could have that doll when I was born a month later. I carried that doll with me everywhere until I was in first grade. She was my sister.

Melissa asked, "So what is your ethnicity?"

I am half-Indian and half-Swedish (with a bit of German and English mixed up in there).

Jaime asked, "what's your earliest memory?"

My earliest memory is from when I was almost three years old. My family was living in a very small town in North Dakota. I remember my mom took me to a Native American reservation to give food to a single mom and her son, who was a year older than me. I remember thinking it was strange that this woman and her son lived in a single room. I was too young to really comprehend poverty.

Sierra asked, "You may not want to answer this but what happened with your boyfriend? Still with him?"

I'm still with Rian! Lol. I think he hasn't shown up on here lately because we're so boring at the moment. We don't have money to really go out and do anything exciting. The last post featuring him may have been about the time we ran into Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell at a Mexican bar last year. Random!


"Have you thought about venturing into the freelance world and writing? I could give you some good pointers!"

I've been freelancing for my friend's website featuring local news, but that's about it. If you have any pointers about freelancing, I would love to hear them! Seriously. I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities, I just don't know exist!


"What is your favorite thing to do and I mean absolute favorite."

Write. Sometimes I think it is the only reason I can function.

The last of my questions will be posted tomorrow...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Angel, angel, down we go together...

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

PS. I will resume the questions on Monday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Answers (Part II)

There are so many questions, this is ending up being a series, rather than two parts. Haha.

These questions are actually helping me. I'm still depressed as hell. But answering these questions has been a major distraction, which I desperately needed.

Thank you.

Jack W. asked, "Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke?"

I am ashamed to say I have not seen either of these!


"Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction?"

This one is tough...I feel like Kill Bill is one of the greatest action films ever made, but then again Pulp Fiction defined a new era of cinema...

I'm going with Pulp Fiction, for its sheer historical value.

Sarah asked, "What is your favourite book of all time?"

This sounds so freaking cliche, but I can't lie: Pride & Prejudice. I'm in love with Mr. Darcy. I want sisters. I am Elizabeth.

Lightning Bug's Butt asked, "What subject, if any, have you begun blogging about only to decide it was too heavy, deep, intimate or risqué, and then mothballed?"

About two years ago, I started blogging about my crazy family on here, but then stopped. I realized that no matter how angry I am at my parents, I don't want any of it floating around on cyber space for the rest of my life. I would never forgive myself when I got older and more mature.

Shannon asked, "What are three things you love about yourself and three things you wish you could change?"

Haha I can think of a million things I'd want to change! Well, the three things I love about myself include my writing skills, my long hair, and my smile.

The three things I wish I could change would be my height, my mind (if I had a photographic memory, life would be a lot easier), and my forehead (there is something wrong with it, which I can't quite figure out, but it needs to be changed).

Aimee asked, "What is your favorite trend that's surfacing?"

Ever since I was a kid, I have been in love with seventies fashion, so I'm really happy that style has returned. I was the weird kid in seventh grade who wore my mom's old bell bottoms. I wish I could fit into them now!

Sandy asked, "When are you coming to visit??? :)"

If I had money, I would be there right now! Seriously though, when I find myself in a better position, one of the first things I'm going to do is visit you & Barry.

David asked, "If one thing could make you instantly happy what would it be?"

One word: money. I know it sounds materialistic, but whoever said money doesn't buy happiness has clearly never been unemployed.

Dahl asked, "I know you have a boyfriend, but when did you get your first? Did you ever worry about never having one? (haha I remember your story about boyfriend in a box!)"

Believe it or not, I didn't have my first serious boyfriend until I was 21 years old. In high school, I only dated two guys who both turned out to be gay. During my first two years of college, I was severely depressed (much, much worse than now). I didn't wear makeup and I wore pajamas to class every day (and not in the cute way). It was during those two years of college I really thought I was never going to have a boyfriend or ever get married. I was so sad for various reasons and I honestly thought I was the ugliest girl in the world.

The sports editor at my college newspaper during my junior year was super hot. I had a huge crush on him. He kept asking me to write sports stories, which confused me because I don't know anything about sports. Finally, he confessed that he really liked me and wanted to ask me out. I was stunned. With no makeup and no cute clothes, somehow this handsome Egyptian guy wanted to date me!

We dated for almost two years. Falling in love for the first time actually dragged me out of depression. I started to care about my looks again. My obsession for fashion returned. I was happy. He ended up being a tool in the long run though. Haha. Obviously no big loss for me because I have Rian now.

Just Me asked, "How often do you nourish your body and spirit, and how do you do it?"

This is exactly what I need to work on, I'm afraid. I don't even know where to begin. If I had the answer to this question, I probably wouldn't let unhappiness swallow me up all the time...

Heather asked, "If you could live in one other city in the United States, where would you go and why?"

I really love San Diego. My dad let me tag along on a business trip he took there eight years ago and it changed my life. The weather and scenery are beautiful. The atmosphere is so much more serene than Los Angeles. I could very easily see myself living there one day.


"Who is your favorite haute couture fashion designer?"

I hate to sound so generic, but my heart will always belong to Chanel. For the past few years, I have been obsessed with Etro as well. I own more Etro clothing than any other designer. But would Etro be considered haute couture? Probably not officially...


"Three favorite stores to shop in?"

Forever 21, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters


"Favorite Muppet?"


Nicole asked, "What is your favorite movie of all time? Actually pick two. One that is your favorite and one that is your guilty pleasure."

My favorite movie is Girl, Interrupted and my guilty pleasure is Clueless.

The Factory asked, "Do you read other blogs when they come around your blog?"

I try to!

Twenty Something asked, "if money wasn't an issue, what you be doing right now?"

Traveling somewhere fabulous and glamorous, like Sri Lanka or Italy. If I won the lottery today, I would be gone tomorrow.

Chic 'n Cheap Living asked, "What is your dream job? Is there someone that can help you get it?"


Meri asked, "I want to know what you dream of doing, what you would do if you could do anything!"

I would be a prolific author, who gets paid millions of dollars to sit at home and write all day. I'm the only one who can help myself get there right now. Lord knows I'm trying...

...and more answers to be posted soon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Answers (Part I)

Wow, I really did not expect so many people to respond!

I am excited about all these questions because I love to talk about myself. I find myself to be incredibly fascinating and I feel like everyone else should think so too.

Here are my answers to the first half of the questions. Grab a glass of wine (or warm milk), sit back, and enjoy!

Molly asked, "When did you get started into blogging?"

I first started blogging about six years ago on Myspace. It was a place for me to bitch about my crazy family and talk about how awesome I was. People actually read it, which shocked me. I eventually gave up that blog a year later when I realized Myspace wasn't cool anymore.

A little over two years ago, when I was a newspaper reporter, my editor suggested I start a fashion blog. I took his advice and this blog was born. Although it has become more of a random blog than a fashion blog...

Venus in Virgo asked, "Besides writing what other things interest you in life?"

I love shopping, playing tennis, dancing, and being a history nerd. I could read Archaeology Magazine all day long and be completely happy. I also love ghost stories because I think there are real aspects to them.

Katie asked, "Do you speak french, or just read the subtitles?"

I read the subtitles! I don't know any French, I'm afraid. I only speak English. Although I do know enough Spanish to get by if I were ever accidentally stuck in a Mexican jail.

La Tendedera asked, "When pumping gas, do you ever put $10.01 just for the heck of it?"

Gah! I'm so boring. No, I haven't.


"What's your favorite tv show?"

(Aimee also asked this question).

This is an incredibly difficult question, as I have so many favorites. But if I had to pick one, it would definitely be Arrested Development. It was a sad day for television when that show was cancelled.

Blonde Girl asked, "I'd like to know how you managed to get so many followers? did you just post and then more and more people followed...or do you have a secret to success?"

(Mariah Smile also asked this question)

It started as a snowball effect. When I first started my blog two years ago, my once-famous friend Kate, who was a contestant on Stylista (the Elle magazine reality show), became my first follower. One of her fans, a prominent fashion blogger, became extremely close friends with me. She introduced me to the fashion blogging world, actually. That was when the followers started coming. Now they randomly come from all over the place. I don't promote my blog or have any special tricks for getting followers, I'm afraid. I wish I did!

But really, my advice to anyone with this question is to keep your blog original. Show your personality through your blog. People are more likely to follow a blog that shows the girl (or guy) behind the curtain. It makes it more personal and interesting.

Beth Dunn asked, "I'm curious about your job. Where do you work?"

Right now my job is being fabulous. Ha. But seriously, I'm an unemployed journalist who freelances, until a more permanent position can be found.

Anonymous asked, "Have you ever considered becoming a hair stylist? I would totally go to you. You have gorgeous hair and a great personality."

This question made my week. I love you. I'm flattered. It also comes at funny timing, because a couple weeks ago I actually did apply to be a hair stylist for the dolls at the American Girl store here in town. But I was rejected because they were looking for an actual licensed cosmetologist. Not kidding. (Even though my resume stated I had experience styling doll hair since 1985).

Stephanie asked, "Cupcakes or cake-cake?"

Both (Omg I'm drooling right now!)


"Do you watch anything (movies, TV shows) that aren't "classics"?"

Of course! I am a faithful viewer of Desperate Housewives and America's Next Top Model. Some of my favorite movies of all time include Mean Girls, Clueless, Splash, and You've Got Mail. (Although those all should be considered classics. Let's be real).


"Will you be my best friend?"


Tanvi asked, "What do you love the most about your life?"

Crap. This is a hard question! I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to think of something. That's sad. I guess right now the best thing about my life is that I have a boyfriend who loves me and parents who spend time with me and friends (like you) who give a damn about me.

I'll post more answers soon!