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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Are you a dirty girl?

I'm going to be completely honest.

Dirty Girl is not the greatest movie in the world.

The dialogue is syrupy. The premise is cheesy. The music is awkward.

But none of that matters because this movie is FUN.

It's kind of like the theatrical version of a strawberry Starburst. It's a unnaturally sweet. It's just a tiny bit sour. It's not good for you at all. But when you look back, you don't regret opening that wrapper.

This 2010 film revolves around Danielle (Juno Temple) who is the ultimate dirty girl. She's a promiscuous little bad ass suffering through high school in the mid-1980s. As if that isn't bad enough, she lives in a little trailer with her crazy mom.

The sassy blonde is forced to partner with a miserable overweight gay kid, Clarke (Jeremy Dozier), for a homework assignment and the two realize they have more in common than they thought: they're both outsiders and hopelessly misunderstood.

When Danielle realizes her mom intends on marrying a creepy religious man, she persuades Clarke to drop everything and cross the country to search for her real father.

There's bad singing. There's dancing. There's heartache. There's realization.

It sorted reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite fused with Mean Girls.

The cast of Dirty Girl is pretty amazing. William H. Macy, Milla Jovovitch, and Mary Steenburgen are just a few of the big names. Plus, I was pretty impressed with the two young stars.

It's important to note the film highlights the struggles of gay acceptance, which is obviously our civil rights movement right now.

It's a poignant little film perfect for a girls night in or lazy afternoon.

I highly recommend netflixing it.


Shybiker said...

Love your review! Putting it on my Netflix list. Thanks for shining a spotlight on this overlooked film.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the perfect sunday afternoon film! Love a bit of guilty pleasure.

Vivienne Z said...

I've never heard of this movie till now. It sounds like the perfect one to chase away boredom on a lazy weekend afternoon.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Will have to check it out!! Sounds interesting x

Aditi So-Saree said...

Will definitely catch up on this movie..sounds interesting.

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Shannon said...

Awesome. We are currently "out of tv shows right now" (that's what old married people do for fun??), so this could be a nice alternative to us furiously changing channels for an hour or two at night.

Meri said...

I've been seeing this come up on the netflix "suggested movies" lately- I hadn't known anything about it but I'm glad to hear your review, I'll check it out!

Couture Carrie said...

Must see it!
Love your review and these stills.


Jane Droll said...

will add it to my seemingly endless netflix list!!!!

p.s. off topic, but my co-worker had a dream she was pregnant with bob hope's baby. that might make for a good movie. lol