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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I lost my job horrible week snowballed into one of the worst weeks of my entire life.

I did not survive my newspaper's latest round of layoffs.

I found out the news yesterday morning.

It had nothing to do with the twitter incident; upper management simply realized they could hire six interns to fill my position. These journalism students will do my job for school credit. I guess you can't compete with free labor, right?

My last day is at the end of the month.

I'm completely stunned. I barely made above minimum wage, so I'm not sure what the newspaper is going to gain by letting me go.

Plus, I have never been in this position before.

I have never had to job hunt. I have never had to fill out a job application. I have never written a cover letter before in my entire life. I have never had a job interview. All these things mystify me and now I have less than two weeks to familiarize myself with them.

You see, I was given my reporting job upon college graduation four years ago. I had interned at the newspaper in college and they basically saved a job for me until I graduated.

But I am officially in the real world. I am a daughter of the recession. Unemployed, young, and not quite sure what I'm going to do with my life now.

There are no other journalism opportunities in my city, and I kind of want to stay here for at least another year. I want to find a job that will pay the rent until I attend grad school in the fall of 2011.

So...what else could I do? With my four years of reporting experience, I could do public relations. I could dip my feet into marketing. I could be a technical writer (yawn). I'm not sure what else I could do that would make use of my skills and college degree...I just don't know. I write and report and interview people and investigate stories and that is simply all I know how to do it seems.

I have been a newspaper reporter since elementary school and I knew since I was seven that is what I was going to do. I was a reporter for every school newspaper since then. I studied it in college and was an editor at my university newspaper. I recieved a very prestigious journalism scholarship in college, which caught the attention of my now-former employer. They snagged me right after graduation.

Journalism has been my life.

Where do I go now?

I'm scared and confused and sad and feel lost.

It honestly doesn't seem real yet.

On Friday, I have to sign a bunch of legal papers at the office, sign up for unemployment, sign up for independent health insurance, and job search.

I'm terrified.

I don't know where I'm going from here...


Leia said...

Oh my god Jen. I am almost in tears reading this. I am so, so, so, so very sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help you. Sending you all the prayers I can muster up and really hoping that something comes along for you soon. You are an amazing writer and very talented: someone will recognise that and give you a job, I know it. Just try to stay as strong and as positive as you possibly can.

anhesty said...

i am sorry to hear this but i think that you will be just fine. just start looking for a new job in the same line. and ask your previous employer to give you a good recommendation. i am pretty sure they would love to help you out. dont give up so easily...

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

You are so talented and unique. I truly believe you will find many more employers who need people like you.

Let this sit in and start thinking, just like you are doing right now--thinking of other options.

Someone out there will greatly appreciate your love and passion for journalism.

Buenos deseos,

Leah said...

Jen, I feel so sad... how can they let you go. I know, it's all about recession. But you'll be able to get through this. Just stop and think and don't be sorry for yourself.

My fave quote: There is always sunshine after the rains. xoxo

Couture Cookie said...

Oh my god, no... this is terrible. The recession has fucked over (excuse me) so many of my of my closest friends and loved ones. When will it stop?

You have no idea how sorry I am! But don't give up on your dream and your career! You are a journalist and you will get a new position somewhere else - maybe not instantly and maybe not before doing something else that you 're not really feeling. But a great writer is always a great writer - you'll bounce back when the time comes.

But first things first. Take care of the paperwork, then sit down and make a game plan. Stay strong! I believe in you! XOXOXOX

Paul Wynn said...

Oh no Jen.. hang in there. Keep writing as it would be something to keep you busy.. you'll always have a reader here.

Nikosmommy said...
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Nikosmommy said...

Sorry for your loss at work Jen. BUT you know what!? You are a smart, capable career-driven person who will find a way to utilize your skills.
(this is my former Executive Recruiter voice coming out)...
Job search is very much a reality of life and the job application process is very much a real part of EVERY person's career. Do NOT let this devastate or defeat you. The fact that you dodged 'pounding the pavement' out of college is a amazing.. but now it's time to learn how to SELL your abilities. (no hooker jokes inserted) LOL.
Take some time to allow yourself to accept the lay-off. And then MOVE ON. (don't take the lay-off personally EVER.)
Your new job is FINDING a job. It might take time, be patient. You will find work!!!!

Pippa Artus said...

Im SO sorry.
I always find that as sad as it is, blogging actually helps when your feeling low! So hopefully things will work out. Maybe try a few other types of jobs until another journalism type job comes up, but whilst doing this make sure you keep your imagination flowing! Get a day to day diary to keep your thoughts in and carry it around :)
Thats what helps me!!!
Enter my giveaway and maybe that will help! Some new clothes :) - <3

Lisa said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear about your job. You know what though? Just take a minute and re-read your post...remind yourself once again of your past experiences and all of your qualifications. Any future company would be beyond lucky to have you!!

You are going no have no problems finding a may take awhile to find the right one, but you are more than deserving. Hang in there!! xoxo :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so sorry, Jen! I feel horrible to hear this. I think though, the only place you can go from here is up. You've been in one place for so long; maybe now is the chance for you to move forward. To find a better paying job that you enjoy even more. Don't be sad, Jen!! :(

Melanie's Randomness said...

Omg. Ohhh Jen. Oh Im sorrry. If you need help with a resume, I will not even bat an eye I'll send you a copy of mine so you'd have an example of format. Oh hun Im don't know what to say. Maybe this is a great oppurtunity for you, you could try something else??? This must be a whirlwind so I'd honestly say its okay to just be numb a lil while, so do something fun tonight or try to at least smile. Unemployment will give you some income & there's job agencies & alot of stuff you can do. Its okay. If you want that resume example just let me know girl. We're here for ya!! If I can help ya in anyway please let me know.

jane st. clair said...

oh jen. this breaks my heart because i'm sure you're just feeling so many bad emotions.

you're probably not in the silver-lining phase right now, but i do hope that this change will help you transition into something that fills your life with joy every singe day and makes you feel so freaking happy.

i just started looking for a job for the first time ever last year, and it sucked, i'll be honest. i didn't get one in my field. and while i know people judge me for working retail with a PhD, i love being a manager at gymboree and i feel like i make a difference there. i never could have known this is where i would land, but i'm really thankful for it. i hope the same turns out to be true for you.

if all else fails, wanna come live in my guest bedroom? there's only one psycho neighbor and durham north carolina is sure to be soooo much more exciting that NYC, don't you think. :)

anyway, i know that 6 interns can never replace you because you are awesome. so screw them.


Some Girl said...


Maria Confer said...

OH, Jennifer. I am so sorry that you lost your job.

I know that it's all coming at you at once, but just remember that this too shall pass.

Thinking of you.


Lulu Letty

Nina said...

This is so unfair ... you are such a good writer, Jen ... you shouldn't have been let go.

There's always a silver lining somewhere. Don't be surprised if something comes up by the end of the week ... Chin up please? I'm going to stay positive for you!

CC said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about this but this might be good for. You say that you weren't paid all that much, maybe you can now find yourself a job that will pay you thrice as much! ;)
And if journalism is what you love, there is no way you won't find a totally kick-ass job.

Sherin said...

Oh no; thats awful news!!! Damn those interns!!

But maybe you should take this time to do what you always wanted too. When my aunt lost her job, she spent a few months kinda living her life like never before. I know its going to be a hard change, but take this time to look at life with new eyes. Do a bit of travelling if you can and jjust get away from life for a while.

Remember, we make our own luck and no one can stop you from doing what you want.

Good luck

P.S. as for job interviews: you will be so amazing, that you will know the socks off the interviewers.

Inspiration in Italy said...

I almost cried reading this also. Jennifer, I am so sorry and I want to tell you that I know the feeling. My husband lost his job in January of 2009, and we felt petrified. He worked in the stock market so with the terrible economy, layoffs were abundant. Through many tears and worries, we realized that maybe this is a chance to do something bold, and something adventurous. My husband found his passion and it took us here to all that to say you never know what good may come from this. However, I know it is little comfort when you are right in the middle of trying to make sense of it.

Barry said...

Jen honey I am sorry to hear this. I know it's a scary time for you, but as was said earlier don't take this personally. It sucks, but it's bottom line business.

If you were often unhappy in your job this could be opportunity presenting itself. Yes it's hard to see the positive right now but please try to keep an open mind.

I hope we can talk more about this very soon, I've been thinking about it ever since I found out.

Many hugs,


Rachel said...

Oh no! Jennifer, I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your job. That's so terrible. It's really unfortunate that so many hard workers are losing their jobs because of this economy. :(

Like you, I've never had to job hunt, fill out applications, go to interviews, or anything like that. So I have no idea how that whole process really goes. And I have no idea what to tell you about what you should do. I wish I could help though. But I am sure you will figure it out. And I wish you all the luck in the world on your job hunt. I know you will be able to find another job that's even better. It might be hard to believe, but you will. Trust me. Just think positive.

daisychain said...

Oh god, I'm sorry. It's much the same in journalism over here right now too :(

I hope you find something else soon x

dancinginchiffon said...

I'm sooo sorry that this happen to you honey! Hopefully you'll find a new job soon!

SogniSorrisi said...

I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you, but I think the only way you can look at a situation like this is as an oppportunity. Best of luck on your job search!

Syed (dapper kid) said...

My dear, I am so incredibly sorry. I really wish I could do something to help. I know it sounds lame, but stay strong and stay positive. I hope you can improve things soon.

Kristin said...

I'm so so sorry. It is horrible the way newspapers have been affected by this craptastic economy. But you have a good head on your shoulders. You will weather this storm!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I wish you all the luck in the world in finding a new job soon. You are a very talented writer, and it shows. Keep your head up.
Take care.

Miri said...

oh, that sounds awful. There's so much going on around, and suddenly it hits us. I don't have a job either if that's any comfort whatsoever.
Hope you'll find a path through =)


Tony said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, Jen. Maybe it's for the best, one door closes another opens etc...take some time and relax and don't stress about things, an oppourtunity will present itself. You'll do ok.

Sophia said...

You have so much going for you Jennifer. You will find a better job. Experiment with other things such as marketing or public relations. Stay positive!


Bug said...

I'm so sorry. I have been laid off for awhile not - its tough. I wish you the best with your search. Make sure to take good care of yourself - eat well, exercise. It helps when you get down.

Style Artisan said...

You have a had a tought time lately, and I am so very sorry!

You will need a little time to absorb this. That's OK and very normal.

Then, immediately go to the unemployment office. They should offer classes to help you with all of your questions.

You honed certain skills as a working journalist...research, dig until you get answers, persistence...all of those skills will set you apart in the job search. Go after a new job with the same determination that you went after a story. You will succeed. I have no doubt.

And never underestimate this one fact...sometimes the "Universe, God, Spirit, etc." slams a door for us because we were too chicken to do so ourselves.

The next phase of your life is beginning and you will be the star. I have no doubt!

Melanee said...

Wow. You've really had some big hits lately. (I had to come take a peek at the famous "Jennifer Fabulous" from Some Girl). You are so encouraging to her, and deserve a little encouraging back.

Feeling shocked, angry, and at a loss is completely understandable and totally acceptable. What I try to do in these situations, is to allow myself a certain amount of time in my emotions, pacing around giving impassioned speeches to those whom I would love to tell off. :)

Sometimes I set a time limit, like say, a week, or whatever the situation warrants, to be in the emotions. And then I'm done. I just decide to get everything out in that time period, and then I move forward.

I will say that as I read through the posts leading up to this one, I really got the impression that ultimately, this will be a significant blessing to you in ways that are not readily apparent. It's almost like a greater force is watching out for you, like Style Artisan said.

Consider the possibility that your new life and direction will open up to you more easily than you expected. I use this little mantra when I'm afraid of the unknown, and it really, really helps me.

So nice to visit you here. Swift and sweet success.

Patricia Snook said...

Jennifer. You've put tears in my eyes. I'm sure you're sick of hearing it by now, but I'm really sorry for you. It's in moments like these that you really do realise that the recession is so real and large companies and organisations really are rutheless. So bascically, they're swapping you for free interns?! I'll refrain with the expletives.

There are loads of websites which give advice with covering letters and all sorts. I'm sure your CV is glistening. You're such a strong willed and fantastic person, you will turn this around.

I like Leah's quote. We're all here to support you xoxo

Maria@chicisimo said...

Wow!! Those are bad news!!! I'm so sorry! I understand perfectly how do you feel... But don´t worry, you are young and you have a great background, so it´s not going to be difficult!! At the beginning it´s so normal to feel lost and terrified, but this will finish, and you´ll feel strong and you´ll find the way of continue. Mos of the people has to interview, apply for jobs, even move... You will survive!!
I wish you the better!!

The Trendy Fashionista said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Jen! But don't worry you'll be okay :)
Remember that If live gives you lemons make a lemonade.

My best wishes.

-The Trendy Fashionista

Jill VT said...

It sounds like you may be better off in the long run with some of the characters at that place! Hang in there. You are young, obviously talented, and you will find something!

Ela said...

Jen, I am at a loss for words. I am so sorry to hear this. I can't believe it's happening. I think you are an amazing, talented writer - I've always meant it when I say I think you should write a book!
Would you be able to find work as a freelance writer? With magazines or online publications? Can your editor recommend where to go from here?
I'm sending you hugs and lots of prayers that you find something soon, don't lose hope, Jen.
Sometimes the worse things that happen to us, are the best things that happen in the end.
Let me know if there's anything I can do or if you just need to vent.

Nikosmommy said...

Hey Jen, me again! I just awarded u some LURVE! Check out my blog to accept your awards and some serious fabulousity! chin up buttercup!! :)

The Owl's Closet said...

i am so sorry to hear this, jennifer:( i will keep u in my prayers. u probably don't want to hear this now, but know that ure not alone in this situation. the economy just sucks:( perhaps there is a better position that is meant for u in the future and this will soon be a passing memory:) keep ur chin up and keep moving forward:D ure a beautiful and intelligent girl. i think u will go far in life!:D

Kinsey Michaels said...

I am so sorry to hear this Jen. I hope you find a new job that is even better than the one you had before. Try to stay positive, it's the best advice I can give. And apply to as many jobs as you can. I hope you find something... xo

Anonymous said...

Oh no..I got chills reading this. I am so sorry hun. Don't worry about it, everyone will be ok in the're intelligent and you will know what to do. This is just a low, you will get up again.

enter my giveaway, itll cheer you up a little! i hope!

beckyxoxo said...

I'm so sorry to hear this . It's a pain , yes . How can they let you go ? I know you did a good job :( I hope you'll feel better soon and get a new job . Of course as a journalist ! You're good in writing , don't do anything you don't like ! My wish for you dear . Good luck !

mila said...

I am so so so sorry! You are very talented and I hope that you will get a fantastic job very soon that you love. Good luck and you can do it!

Barry said...

Jen, my bad. I thought Sandy had left you an e-mail here, but check her latest post. :)

AudreyAllure said...

i am so sorry to hear that; you're smart & have a lot to offer, not to mention you also have a lot of talent as a writer as we can all see from your blog. i wish you the best of luck & i'm sure you'll find a job that you'll really enjoy.

Fashion Court said...

i'm so sorry jennifer :( like many others have said, you are SO talented. i always try to take bad situations and look at the positive. take your time to "grieve" the loss of the job..and then show them how much better you can do.

ElodieVeryPetit said...

So sad, i wish u a lot of luck to find something new, something better, a new life !

trina's reality said...

I'm so sorry! I'm so happy you stuck with journalism throughout your life and I hope things work out. ;]

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Aw Jen, I feel for you. I'm sure something will work out! Because you're amazing and talented and somebody else WILL see that. Or Imma woop their asses :|

Take care, babe and you know you can email me if you ever want to just rant and/or vent.


Viva La Fashion said...

i'm so sorry. that is horrible. i don't have the word to describe how sorry i am. i hope that you can find a new job soon.

Imogen said...

Jennifer, I felt so sad as I was reading this and I am very very sorry to hear about it. You don't deserve this, you are an excellent writer and it comes across on your blog. I always wish I was able to write and express myself as well as you do on your blog. I think your very talented and I hope there is some way you will be able to continue with this work because you have wanted to do it for awhile and you know it so well. I think you will because you are very smart and capable and I have faith in you and I think you will find the right way out of this. I wish there was some way I could help you. Although I can't physically help you I am here to talk to if you ever need it. I haven't ever gone for a job interview either and I wish I had more experience myself. I suppose those things will occur in the next couple of years. Good luck. xxxxx

Imogen said...

I gave you an award on my blog.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Hey girl. I just read all your comments. Thank you. I've been where you are. I hope your doing okay with all of this & be MIA as long as you want, just let us know that your okay. *hugs*

Tom Bailey said...

I am going to tell you the same thing that I tell everyone that I know that is in this situation.

Other than traditional advice try emailing your resume to all of your blogging friends that one of the advantages of blogging right?

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey

Damsels said...

oh my god so sorry that happened to you ...hmm lets think about it in a different light.. maybe you can be a secratary .
if there arent any jobs doing exaclty what you want to do ..then search in the area of secratary or something of the sort .. you r degree should qualify you.. search online on how to make a cover letter. . its nothing you can't learn .
check out craiglist for jobs . think outside the box and what you can do for a job .

English Rose ♥ said...

Oh darling. I am so so so immensly sorry and really wish not only that I didn't read it but that it wasn't true. You are too amazing for words and sometimes in life we can't always see it at the time but the times when everything went wrong was the making of us in the long run. Just see it as making you stronger and a sign that big, new exciting opportunities are around the corner. You truly deserve happiness and success and I know you are going to get it. I am keeping everything I can crossed for you - you'll be okay my darling.

Stay strong xxx

kpeach said...

you're so going to be fine! sadly I've had to do that many, many times bc I am freelance. it's scary but you'll see that good things will come out of it. Don't give up on Journalism either! xo

Ess said...

I am also beginning my search for a job and the number of rejections I have gotten has been pushing me into a depression spiral as well. But everyone is right. You are unique and an amazing writer. You'll get through this with a great resume and reference letter. I am sure.

Let me know if you want me to look over your resume. Writing a resume has become one of talents considering I am writing a new cover letter every week. Good luck with your search and hopefully we both will come out successful at the other end.

Robin said...

How did I miss this entry until just now??

I majored in Creative Writing and Literature in college, so I feel your pain. I'm actually a technical writer- not the dream job, but it pays the bills. I make a good salary editing insurance prelicensing materials. It's a tad boring, but not terrible. And I have a lot of job security.

OceanDreams said...

Hey sweetie I am so sorry for this time that you are going through - all I can say is you can make it through this! I was laid off before my job now and it was a really hard time for me, being laid off rocks your self esteem. It is kinda like going through a break up of sorts. If you need any advice on where to start let me know, because I know I had to do the same let's be honest it was not fun but I am sure you will discover the right job for you. Look at it this way - use this time to search for your dream job, a job that you will hopefully get paid more for and that you will sincerely love. You deserve the best and I hope that you find only the best. Also use this time to embrace what your dreams are {even if you don't know} throw yourself into something and you may find you like something...this is what I did because I could not figure out what I wanted to do for about 6 months. We are here for you! E-mail me if you need anything.

Style Bite said...

Hi Jen,
I just read on one of your Dream Sequins comments that you too have been laid off. I'm sorry :( Speaking from someone with tons of experience being laid off (that sounds depressing...I lost TWO amazing jobs this year, immediately after a failed business venture which was my lifelong dream, you'll find something else even better and when you do it will seem like this all happened for a reason. Take advantage of the situation and do things you always wanted to do but didn't have the time to. Use one of those umemployment checks and go crazy at the Goodwill:), or take a road trip somewhere random. But most importantly stay focused. Some days when I get down and don't feel like doing anything, I just remember to focus on what I'm looking for, what I want and things brighten up. You sound like an amazing writer and a great reporter, I'm confident your job search will take you somewhere fabulous.

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry, am thinking and praying for you,