Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello? Is anybody out there?


Do you hear that? It's the sound of crickets.

Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but the blogosphere seems like a ghost town to me. It's something I've noticed in the past few months.

There used to be a time when this blog would get up to 200 comments. Then 100. Then 50. Now I'm lucky to hit 20.

My stat numbers are the same, but it's mostly a direct result of google searches. This blog has become an encyclopedia of pop culture for strangers around the world.

But I don't want to be a reference.

And I don't like the way the blogosphere works. I'm tired of it.

When you start a blog, a lot of people offer advice on how to get more "readers." Because that leads to "advertising."

They don't tell you the reality. If you want comments, you need to comment on other people's blogs. So, if you want 200 comments on a post, you better be prepared to give up your entire life, because you're going to have to comment on 200 blogs. Every fucking time. (Unless you're Jane from Sea of Shoes. And nobody becomes Sea of Shoes overnight. Sorry, kids.)

If you want followers, you have to follow others back.

I understand the blogosphere is a community. And without this two-way street, I seriously would not have met some of the most important friends in my life. It's as simple as that.

But having a successful blog is exhausting. I don't have time to comment on other blogs, just to receive comments. I'm uninterested in following somebody merely for their follow back. Why bother.

I had a goal to reach 1,000 followers this year, and I'm so burnt out, I don't even want that many anymore. Because it's not real. It will just be a bunch of random fashion bloggers who follow me, hoping I'll follow back, and then after a few months, think I'm not paying attention, and un-follow me so they can start following others.

It's juvenile and I'm too old for this shit.

And after almost four years of blogging, I keep feeling like I shouldn't have to adhere to these rules anymore. If my blog is good, it should stand on its own.

If not, maybe I need to consider spending my time elsewhere.

If you're a blogger, than you probably realize how much time I put into these posts. Yeah, these are random topics straight off the top of my head, but for the most part, they're thoroughly researched. I'm a journalist. I was trained to be a fact-checker.

And I can't help but think that perhaps this blog isn't worth the effort anymore.

Especially if nobody reads blogs anymore. I seriously can't be the only blogger noticing the chill in the air. I can't be the only blogger with a declining readership.

Or maybe I just suck.


That's all.


Anonymous said...

Just because we don't comment means we aren't here. Maybe you've just said everything there is to say. And who wants those bullshit comments that are like, "Yeah" "awesome" "tru dat" anyway? I read your blog religiously, and I've commented on maybe three? of them..... Blogging is for you anyway, isn't it? It's not really for us- it's for you.

Tanvi said...

You are not the only dear. I think I have observed that for the last few months as well. I think there are less "bloggers following bloggers" and more random people following stuff on the internet. But I stopped caring earlier this year and I haven't missed the comments one bit.

I read your posts and I know at least 5 other people who do the same and I think your's is one of the best blogs around. So I hope you won't stop blogging!

∞ © ∞

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Dear, I have to agree with you really. I have had these feelings too...and I think it's down right bullshit!! I feel sometimes if I'm not posting outfit posts all the time, a blog doesn't get the hits as it used to. People are obsessed with outfit posts & to be honest, one shouldn't have to be a fashion blogger to get any notice!! You quit this blog & I may just have to come and tear you a new one ;) Your blog is one of a small few that keep me sane in this blog world! And I will tell you another thing for free...a HIGH majority of these fashion blogs are absolute SHIT!! They wear the same shit, they talk about the same shit and that shit gets boring!! I've ended up un-following a lot of people that have come to my blog saying how they like it and whatever, to follow for a bit and then un-follow once I've followed them or they fake like they've followed and really haven't and that is such childish bullshit I can do without! I mean grow a pair, really!! Honest;y, sometimes I let your posts build up so I can sit and read them one by one and laugh at your super posts, as they are always written so funnily and entertain me completely! And one should blog for themselves, not for anyone else! Yes, it would be nice not for a thousand comments, but just for those that interact and really pay attention to what you've posted about. I don't care about the numbers or whatever. I like quality or quantity :) We have to fight back against these moronic people and be the wasps that sting their back sides with something more interesting than 'does my butt look big in this' or what trends are going on that I could care less about. Most of them look like sheep. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, but some bloggers suck the fun out of the creativity of it all & I can't stand that. Just keep being you & we'll be here :))

French Girl in Seattle said...

I agree with you Jenny. My blog is "younger" than yours (too bad I can't say the same about me, ha! ha! ha!) but I have noticed that the number of comments went down at some point, right around last spring, even lower over the summer. Still, I have built a friendly community on my blog, and I noticed I get comments from the same visitors, week after week. I make a special effort to reply to them, as I want them to know their messages are appreciated. Yet, I realize I would not be able to do so if I received 100 comments on each post! I am not sure what the answer is. You have a popular blog. You are a good writer and your stories are always well researched. I would miss you if you stopped writing, of course, yet in the end, you do this for you. If it becomes too much work, and the whole endeavor gets too frustrating or disappointing, then maybe it is time for a break. I don't post as often as I used to. Sometimes I just don't have inspiration - or time - and that is ok too. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Nick said...

We live in an age where even Twitter is verbose, as evidenced by the ubiquitous Tumblrs featuring single-pic posts sans captions. The more enterprising of these might mix and match photos, like bright 12 year olds assembling their first collage: this is me, man!

This is ME.

[i didn't allow comments the first 3 years i ran my site. i rather miss those days.]

Fashion art and other fancies said...

Very good post. I appreciate it and especially the way you express your views. I blog when I can and comment when I can. The rest is history;-)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

i agree- i get barely 10 comments / post now.. it's strange! but i thnk people are getting busy and also spending more time in Pinterest, instagram, etc. I am always reading blogs in my reader but not necessarily clicking thru to comment, that could be it too?

Oh to Be a Muse said...

So I'm just going to let you know right now that you're not going to quit blogging. Where the hell would I read about crazy women, funny stories and all around weirdness if you weren't on the blogosphere anymore?

I 100% agree with everything you've said here as the blogging numbers have definitely dwindled. I think fashion blogging is kind of making a mockery of itself...but I'll get into that some other time.

But yeah, don't worry about the numbers and the silly comments. Just focus on the fact that you enjoy writing the great stories that you feature here and you have a ton of loyal readers (like me) who love to read everything you write.

And can I just say that Kizzy Doll from The Dainty Doll House had me cracking me--she's awesome!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

and can i give an AMEN to Dainty Doll i have unfollowed so many blogs recently who wear the same stuff w/ no POV and everything EVERYTHING is gifted. blah. haha. ok rant over ;)

Bunny Moreno said...

You know I am with you on this but I refuse to quit bc its just not in my character. I know of another blogger who has been blogging for over five years and has been feeling the same esp where fashion is concerned. My worry is-are people that vain that all they want to look at is pretty pictures. Maybe so. I personally believe my blog should have a lot more followers (I am not being conceited) but those who do in the vintage world basically own a 2,000 camera and EVERY single post is an outfit post.

One blog in particular has over 5,000 followers and the person just writes like 20 words on each post or less. I am not saying they don't put work into it, just saying that there is more out there than pretty clothes and photos. I like to feed my brain as much as my eyes or rather I like to feed my brain more hehehe I am just as annoyed as you are, maybe more. I am struggling trying to build a strong following but the games one has to play take out a lot of time and energy and should I really be spending my entire days on the computer doing that? I don't think so.

Like you-I feel like my blog should speak for itself. I hope one day people will notice all the work and love I put into my blog, if not I will find peace in knowing that I did something I loved and enjoyed every minute of it.

Hugs to you! I have no answers but what I do know is that giving up is not an option. I freaking love your blog and adore you so don't..okay??

Muah! B

Natassja said...

Girl, your blog is awesome, don't you ever quit. I religiously read every single post, and always get excited when I see a new one come up on my feed! I love that you write about interesting topics filled with well-researched information.

I pretty much stopped blogging altogether because the blogosphere was reminding me too much of high school, and it made me sad. Just do you--your followers are here because they like the things about your blog that make it uniquely yours. My blogroll would definitely be empty and boring without you :)

Randi said...

I'll admit...I'm really bad about commenting on the blogs I follow. Sometimes it's lack of time, and other times it's that I have nothing more to say than 'awesome' or 'I love it' or something of that nature...I have been trying to get better at that (see, I'm commenting here!), as I know as a blogger myself, I love getting those e-mails that someone has commented, and know that people are reading...even if it's just a very few! :)

Shannon said...

I completely agree. I only read and comment on blogs I actually like. And if they like mine and comment back, great. If not, oh well.

I only have 201 followers, and I probably only follow half that, but I'm dedicated to those blogs. It's not a popularity contest as much as finding a community of people you like and enjoying hearing from.

You just happen to be on that list for me. :)

jillian m. said...

I hope you continue to blog. I don't think there's a post I have read that I haven't enjoyed.

I think there might be a number of reasons why comments have dropped (and not just in yours, but in general). Perhaps with the rise of other social networks, like say Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, attention is being paid elsewhere? But if you utilize them to your benefit (in a non-whoreish way, of couse haha), you might find that other people might reach out to you more via those channels. Does that even make sense?

Although, like your URL suggests, I think you're fabulous and you should keep on keepin' on.

Or WWCD? As in, What Would Cher (from Clueless) Do? Makeover! Maybe that's all you need - just a little blog facelift to make it feel all new and fresh again.

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Don't blog for others, blog for yourself. If you aren't enjoying it, there's no point. I don't get a ton of comments but the ones that I do get are quality comments from people who offer good advice, sweet compliments and more than just a "cute dress" statement. Why does it matter if a blog has 1 comment or 300? I read a lot of blogs that I dont comment on because I just dont have anything of importance to say. Of the billions of blogs out there, we're lucky that people actually read us, let alone leave a comment! Sure, people love fashion blog and sure, they love to look at pretty pictures but you don't have to put yourself in a category with other people. As for un-followers- believe it or not, those people aren't all haters. Some of them just lose interest, they close their google account, they have a limit of 300 blogs they can follow so they have to make space for others- they unfollow after a giveaway, etc. I follow a shit ton of blogs and have only unfollowed 2 because I genuinely didnt like the person that writes it. You don't suck- unfollowing is just the nature of the beast. You get new ones, though and you have those that read you daily. They matter, the rest don't! I do have over 1,000 followers and over 2,000 page views per day but I'm lucky if I get 15 comments on a post. My last post had like 2! But I don't care- Im still having fun and rocking out! Keep it up, but only if you really want to

David Macaulay said...

Of course you don't suck - your blog is great. A blogger I know who gets loads of comments and has more than 1,000 followers said she aims to spend three hours every day commenting on people's posts etc. Well I can't spend a fraction of that time and my comments (never three figures) are now often down to single figures. Some posts are getting fewer hits too but overall the blog is getting more daily visits than last year. Just keep doing what you are doing is the only real advice I can give and there's no point killing yourself.

Sherin said...

I am going through exactly the same thoughts about blogging! I've noticed that it's slowed down a bit too. Not just people commenting, but people actually blogging too. I've been getting less genuine comments, and have also been seeing less posts come up on my reader.

But I LOVE your blog (one of the ones I look forward to reading the most)!

Aaron said...

That whole "commenting on others' blogs" thing never really worked out for me. I read and followed that advice several years ago and it never paid off. I'm still stuck at 53 followers and get overjoyed when I find a single comment on one out of every five posts I write. So now I just read what I like and comment where I feel like I have something to contribute. But I rarely feel creative enough to contribute in the form of a comment.

L.Voss said...

I have backed off myself from the blog world period it was begining to feel like such a chore. I still stalk your butt though you are one of the few blogs I am faithful to because you never make my brain feel like mush.

Johanna said...

Okay, so I might be one of those b-sh*t fashion bloggers, and as much as I do enjoy getting comments, I couldn't imagine blogging just for that. It's quite brutal how you have to comment to 450 blogs to get "noticed", just because everyone and their mother seem to be blogging nowadays. And for example, in my country there's a LOT of people who never answer you back to your blog. (like seriously, never, no matter if you comment and support their blogs every week) I'm not saying everyone should follow you just because you leave a compliment, but still. It's good to hear there are others, too who seem to have these thoughts, though. Maybe we can be a mental support to each other.

And yes, I know it's stupid to only come here and comment when you're about quitting or something, but I'm saying, don't do it. Blogging - like any hobby - is something you should do for you. Not for someone else. Hope you keep writing, you ARE talented at it!

Have a lovely weekend ♥

The Grande Dame said...

Chin up, chickie. People come and go but in your life, YOU are forever. Do what makes you happy and remember its other people who suck, not you! I've been off blogging for a while as I deal with life in general but I hope to make a comeback soon, and I haven't forgotten you :)
I only have a small following in my blog but its nice to feel I have developed a rapport with my little bunch of bloggy buddies. Lots of comments are nice but more meaningful if you know who they're from.

Aleksandra said...

I check your blog every day, and am super excited when I see a new post. I love your blog, and I think you're an awesome writer. The fact that I don't comment should not matter- what should matter is that you're doing something you love. If you like blogging, and sharing cool topics with others, just keep on going. Who cares how many people comment or follow you? You have such a great blog, you'll always have a group of readers who think you're blog is awesome, and I'm one of them.

Aleksandra said...

I check your blog every day, and am super excited when I see a new post. I love your blog, and I think you're an awesome writer. The fact that I don't comment should not matter- what should matter is that you're doing something you love. If you like blogging, and sharing cool topics with others, just keep on going. Who cares how many people comment or follow you? You have such a great blog, you'll always have a group of readers who think you're blog is awesome, and I'm one of them.

Alex said...

Don't leave me :( Nah but I feel you. It feels like a lot of people are here now for the moneyz and that's disappointing. I came to blogging to release some creative energy and maybe make some new friends. I'm glad I've been able to do both and meet you in the process :)

Fashion Tales said...

I definitely know how you feel. I've noticed a difference in blogosphere. And let's not talk about when someone leaves a comment and it reflects nothing that you've actually written, just the other day had someone write "that's so sad. nice trousers." Obviously, they didn't read the post - whatEVER! Right, and what exactly is sad? It's an exclusive feature genius ... and there are no trousers so... lol. But, we are all human, and I digress, so my apologies. I still don't know how some people blog everyday (and have an actual full-time job) really? More power to them however it's done. I mean I work 10-12+ hrs. a day most times + a life + yoga, and barely get my posts out. But, in the end I remember I blog for me, and not others, and like the way I do things now. Blogging when I can and what I want has been such a better system and blessing for me. Blogging in general is definitely a lot of work, especially when I do features and interviews, I appreciate reading posts where proper research is done, so I love your blog dear! Sorry to tangent, a bit sleep deprived, but my thoughts at the present moment nonetheless. Blogging should be fun! Happy weekend. xo

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

i'm mr. oogie boogie and you ain't goin' nowhere! haha i thought i would throw in some halloween humor (nightmare before christmas...hmmm, nightmare before blogging! hahaha). jennifer, when i read your blog post title i knew what it was going to be about. haha i gave it a little time, because i wanted to read everyone else's comments! Look at these comments girl! They LOVE YOU!!! DO NOT second guess your talents or give up! you are one of the best writers i have come across in the blogosphere. your writing and stories always capture me. i look forward to your posts because i know i won't be reading the SAME OLE STUFF WARMED OVER! i look for uniqueness! remember my SassyUptownChic blog? i use to get 70-90 comments daily. but guess what? i was miserable! i had a lot of mean girl followers. not to me! but to other people! so snobbish and egotistical. i didn't like those people, or the way it was going and i shut that blog down. when i started A Very Sweet Blog only about 50 out of the number i originally had came aboard. now i'm down to maybe 20-30 comments if that a day and i'm very thankful for those. comments are DOWN across the board! meaningful ones are down even further. we all like comments on our blogs, so i understand how you feel. it can be frustrating when you've taken a lot of time to write (what you feel is) a beautiful post and you get some less than stellar comments. i have my daily readers and i'm getting a lot of people i've never seen before. i think what we're looking for in a reader is sincerity. i have found some readers who are and MANY who aren't (they just want a new follower). i try to build a blogger relationship with my readers. i never treat anyone like they're a number, nor have you! do i expect you to comment on every post i have? No! i would like to hear from you at least once a week, to show that you care. my advice! don't quit. write about what you love. take it down a notch (write once, twice or only three times a week... whatever you're comfortable with). i have a faithful reader and she posts once a week. don't let the blogosphere rule you! YOU rule the blogosphere! your blog is unique, it's not a dime a dozen! and another thing! go to some "big time" blogs. they don't always get 1000 comments. businesses look for meaningful comments. they rather see 10 of those, then 1000 cute's and very nice comments! love you. relax. have a drink. and remember BABYYYY YOU'RE A STARRRRR! hahaha Have a great weekend Jen! Now, I'm going to introduce myself to the bloggers on THIS post, because THEY ARE A SINCERE GROUP! hahaha I was wondering where they were!?! SMILE

Mimi said...

i've definitely noticed that comments have declined, but it's totally understandable because everyone is busy with their everyday lives. :)

<3, Mimi
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Mouthwash said...

You're not the only one hearing crickets. I personally have no idea what to do about either. You DO write quality content, and you DO have a fantastic writing style. Your humour is on par.

I on the other hand feel like I've got great quality as well.

I've basically got no fucking clue. What is going on here??

The bloggersphere isn't the only place where things are getting a little weird. In the retail environment, sales were DOWN for back-to-school shopping. Holiday season is coming up with October just around the corner and STILL sales are down.

But then again it's "harvest" season in northern Cali, so perhaps people are just smoking some really good weed, and not doing much else.

I really don't know. I hope this wave rides itself out, because...well. I don't know.

You and I have been blogging for almost the same amount of time, and at least reaching 1,000 by the end of this year is feasible! I've been at this for 4 years, and I have less than 400 to show for it. LOL (but really -> :'/ )

Chin up Jen! It will ride itself out.

A BRIT GREEK said...

Hey girl,

you're not the only one noticing this shift... there are billions of blogs nowadays... and I am eternally sick of the follow me follow you crap, we have bee blogging a while, so at least we understand the ettiquette right? I try to be courteous,and comment back and literally every single blog comment... but when I just don't have that's almost impossible and you won't hear from me for at least a week.

Anyhoos, my blog is my blog and I welcome everyone who wants to stop by and enjoy the ride, but what I cherish most is the blogging community i've had for the past 2/3 years.

We know you write one of the best blogs and are just plain lol funny.

I'm always here!

Kc said...

I may not comment but I do love reading your blog! :) I tend to get the same people commenting on mine, which is fine because I do the same for them :) please keep writing your posts about interesting women, they're awesome!


Lara Woodbine said...

hi could you check out my blog? love yours

cricketfreak said...

I don't really comment on your blog but that DOES NOT mean that I don't love it. I think it would be a shame if you were to stop blogging.
But having said that, I do agree that there's been an overall chill in the blogosphere:everyone was very active in 2011 but now suddenly people don't read or comment that much. I blame tumblr.

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

I can definitely agree with everything you said. I used to get tons of comments and lately not so many, but it's because I've been so busy that I don't have the time to go "leave comments to get comments". I do love your blog though, it's honestly my favorite out of about 300 I follow. I love how thorough your posts are and I always think about how long it must've took you. I do a "Flashback Friday" series where I search into a year and find out what the number one fashions, trends, songs, movies, books etc were and how much it all was and historical facts that happened that years...ANYWAYS! That crap takes forever. I love doing the posts but 4-5 hours out of a day is a big chunk.

Anyways, I lost my train of thought, but I read every one of your posts. I know they're going to be good and funny and I'm going to learn something I didn't already know. I know sometimes it feels like it's not worth it, but it would be a shame if you quit blogging.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think the main thing is to know that you do have loyal readers - some who comment, and others who don't. There is, of course, blogger etiquette to consider (as there is with anything in life), but it's more in place as a means of support.

I personally respond to all comments that I receive, as I think it's flattering that someone would take the time to leave a comment. That said...I know where you're coming from; and I think that all bloggers will relate to your thoughts on some level. :)

Shybiker said...

I'm going to be honest here because you raise a critically important subject and are poised to jump off the cliff...

It all depends on your goal, your definition of "success". If one sets out merely to attract viewers, then there are means to that, in fashion-blogging and elsewhere. Content is less important than other things that pull people to your site.

I never understood trying to attract viewers for the sheer sake of numbers 'cause there's no real money available in blogging (except, perhaps, at the very top). Dangling a few ad bucks is an insufficient motivation for me since I earn big money at my job and weighing the value of my time there vs. here is no contest.

Your blog attracted me initially with its quality writing. Well-researched, lucid posts on interestingly-chosen subjects. They are a joy to read and educational, to boot.

The trick to life is to see things accurately -- and a key to happiness is to enjoy the intrinsic value of things. You can enjoy the process of writing and distributing your wonderful posts FOR THEMSELVES and not as a means to another end (more readers). If you have that attitude, then your blog is succeeding. If, instead, you only want numbers, put up magazine photos of trendy clothes and your readership will jump -- but with less-engaged, less-intelligent readers.

Decide what you want and then plan accordingly. It seems like you're aiming for one goal but shooting in another direction.

ravenlocks said...

I thought I got fewer comments because most of my followers are students and school is now in session. LOL! But looking back, I have seen a decline. I seriously thought it was because my style sucked.

I have to applaud you for this post. I will never ever be able to comment on 100 blogs a day. Fuck that. I read a comment from one of your followers just now and they made a great point. Most fashion bloggers lack quality. All they do is try and get that four digit plus number. That shit gets old REAL fast. I'm tired of seeing the same outfits with a different body. Sometimes I wear the same things as other bloggers, but I don't mean to. There are some bloggers who are seriously SLAVES to the trends. Personally, I'd rather be a trend setter than a trend follower. This is where vintage items come in handy! They're usually unique.

I've gotten a few comments recently that blow my mind. One in particular said "nice". OK!!! THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT! She could have at least capitalized the N and put a period at the end of the E. That would have showed me that she wasn't rushed enough to care. But those type of comments are so rude. They are the equivalent of runny diarrhea. Nobody likes runny diarrhea. It SUCKS. And it's super lame. I try to reply to all of my comments but I refuse to reply to the runny diarrhea types. If your comment is shorter than your blog link, I probably will not be replying nor visiting your blog. "oh great! www.stupidwhorewhodoesn'" is a great example. you ever wonder why so many fashion bloggers get the "blogger blues"? It's because they do the same shit over and over. They post pictures of mindless outfits because they feel they have to. I've done it too...everyone that has had a fashion blog has felt that at some point.

Now having said all that...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't stop blogging! Can I be honest? You are in the top three of my favorite blogs. I don't have a number one favorite because there is a tie between you and two other girls. Your posts crack me up and keep me up way past my bedtime. I love it! Don't leave us, Jenny! :)



ravenlocks said...

Fucking A. That was one long ass comment. Well, it's better to have a quality comment that a runny diarrhea one, right? LOL!

Josie said...

I actually know exactly what you mean. But you do have to realize that you're reaching a LOT of people who don't comment -- there are tons of food blogs that I read religiously and never say a word on.
xo Josie

opal said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, but never got around commenting. That doesn't mean I don't love reading your blog...

sherene said...

Even if u dont comment on my blog, il keep coming back to ur blog lol.

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Well I am super late to the conversation, but here's my two sense. ONE: Summer always goes quiet. Everyone is busy playing outdoors, vacationing, all that. So it definitely slows down and hardly anyone reads or writes (unless they're being paid to do so). TWO: I totally hear you. My blog is nowhere near as cool as yours, but I get the whole two way street and its exhausting. Even if there are 200 blogs i LOVE and WANT to comment on, who has time for that? Which brings me to THREE: I read your blog. Not consistent, because life is busy, but yours is one of those I always look forward to sitting down and reading when i have a spare minute :) xoxo

Maja said...

seriously and honestly am here so that I can get follow ups....people appreciate my work and love the way I write but still I rarely have any followers...only daily users but they are way too little...m tired of being here cause no one is here to read then what is the use of typing?

Miss Laia said...

Is sad but I agree with you, there's is a bunch of fashion bloggers only looking for followers because they want free clothes,accessories and make up, and they don't even read the post.
I've only have a blog for more or less 6months now and it's easy to find out who reads and who doesn't so keep doing your work which is actually pretty good and the real people interested will come.
I discovered you, just this week and I have read a lot of your old entries and love every single one of them I would love to make my blog just as interesting as yours.

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