Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happily ever after

I love love stories.

Some of my happinest moments are from middle school when I used to read cheesy romance novels (and, um, sometimes skip right to the good parts, hehe).

I know they're unrealistic. They never show what happens during the "happily ever after." They never show the marriage and the fighting over stupid stuff and the baby screaming all night and the lack of sleep.

But, you know what? Who cares. No one wants to read that crap. That's reality. Love stories are supposed to be fairy tales. The rugged womanzing cowboy who falls in love with the rich man's innocent daughter. The vampire who falls in love with the beautiful dessert, er, human girl. Sigh.

And it makes me sad because I want to live the fairytale. I love Rian but everything is so...stable. I want my heart to skip a beat when I see him ALL the time. I want the chase to last forever.

I want to always live that moment, that one moment, just before they live happily ever after. Before everything is perfect. When the passion is still raw.

Is that too much to ask? Oh wait, it's only fiction...


JenBen said...

Freaking love romance novels. So much...

Kair Bear said...

My senitments exactly.

Morena said...

I sent you a private message via PolyVore. :)