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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My friend has a stalker

This is Kerrie.

She's pretty. She's young. She's sweetly innocent for a college student.

She is being stalked.

Apparently there is an obsessive boy or jealous girl out to get her and it's scaring me.

It started last month when she received very nasty blog comments from an anonymous person, threatening her and calling her names. She just thought it was a troll. And then within a week, three letters arrived at her house, telling her to be "careful."

So obviously this person knows where Kerrie lives.

And then the other night someone started making gross sexual noises and banging on the windows of her house. It was especially troublesome because Kerrie lives with her mom, older sister, and little niece and nephew. The noises woke up her one-year-old niece, who was frightened (and who can blame the poor little thing?) for the rest of the night.

Kerrie didn't see who the person was but managed to catch a glimpse of someone running down the street. A neighbor and Kerrie both called the police. That same neighbor told the police she couldn't tell if the person running away was a woman or a "chubby 14-year-old boy." Weird.

What makes this whole situation even more strange is that Kerrie doesn't have any enemies. She doesn't have time to make them. This year, school has been insanely busy for her. And when she's not studying, she's spending time with me or her boyfriend, Paul.

I'm really concerned about Kerrie. I don't like the fact someone is watching her and trying to scare her. Who knows what he or she will do next. I used to feel comforted by the fact Kerrie lives across the street from a police officer. But he's been in Europe for the past two weeks. And I think whoever went to Kerrie's house the other night knew that...?

I do feel a little bit better because Kerrie's mom freaked out about the incident big time. She was so worried it was someone trying to kidnap her grandchildren, she made Rian (my boyfriend and Kerrie's brother) miss work today so he could help install security cameras around the outside of their house. Like they live in a freaking shopping mall.

I can only pray that will help.

But I'm still so sick with worry for my friend. That awful person is still out there, just waiting to get her.

I feel so helpless because I don't know what to do. Put Kerrie in my purse until the stalker is caught? Yeah, right.

At least she is surrounded by support right now. Her family is incredibly worried. And she couldn't have a better boyfriend. Paul is so concerned and furious about what is happening. Every time a new incident occurs, he tries everything he can to comfort her fears and protect her. It has brought them closer in a way. And Kerrie is so lucky to have that right now.

And I think the same can be said about our friendship. I've realized that I will really do anything to save a friend. And I've learned that Kerrie is like a younger sister to me. And I would die if anything happened to her.

I really hope everything turns out okay.

I'm sorry to go on about this, but I'm so worried...


Couture Carrie said...

Oh, darling, I am so sorry to hear this!

Be sure to stop by my blog, as I am having a contest today :)


Jen Ben said...

Wow! That is terrible! I will definitely be keeping Kerrie in my thoughts and sending good vibes to both of you.

grace said...

oh my goodness.. i wish i could help! i hope everything is okay and continues to get better!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is actually quite terrifying. I will keep Kerrie in my prayers!

♥ Katie said...

Oh my, that's scary stuff. I really feel for Kerrie and wish I was able to help. Honestly hope it continues to get better xx

Morena said...

Oh gosh this is bad.
Um but is it doing any good to post her picture and the whole story on YOUR blog?
(Not being mean, just saying because I DO care. I've seen your posts about Kerrie and she seems so sweet and she's real pretty. This makes me quite concerned.)

yiqin; said...

THAT IS FREAKY!!! Tell the police or something?

apaulo11 said...
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Diamonds in the dark said...

bloody hell, that is freaking hideously scary! maybe its some kid who is seriously confused.. fancies her but instead of pulling her hair or whatever dumb kids do when they have crush, he's taken it an extreme step too far??

Anonymous said...

Bitch deserved it, I'm sure.