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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Britney Spears Story

When I was a freshman in high school, Britney Spears hit the scene.

Like every other 14-year-old girl, I became obsessed.

I bought her first CD and played it over and over again in my room. I used to cut out magazine photos of Britney and then try to copy her outfits. I even waited two hours to catch a glimpse of her at a mall appearance in 1999.

Then her second CD, "Oops...I did it Again" came out a year later, and she exploded pink sparkly fabulousness all over the world.

I was her most devoted fan, attending her concerts and watching her music videos on repeat. My parents even begrudgingly detoured from our trip to New Orleans to drive miles out of the way to attend the Britney Spears Museum in her Louisiana hometown.

I was her BIGGEST FAN.

When I was 16, Britney's website had a writing contest. The short story had to feature Britney as a main character. The first prize was a trip to meet Britney Spears in person.

Hyperventilating, I whipped out a story in less than an hour and mailed it that morning.

In my short story, Britney was kidnapped by a band of wild gypsies during a shopping spree in Beverly Hills. As a private detective, I tracked down the ruffians with Sherlock Holmes worthy skills and saved Britney. Fleeing her ruthless captors, we discovered the gypsies were actually a robotic boy band in disguise, commissioned from another planet to destroy the pop princess in an attempt to take over the world.

I spent the next 31 days fantasizing what it would be like if I won first place in the writing contest. The most logical reasoning was that Britney would immediately think I was the coolest person she'd ever met and we would end up being best friends. I saw no other conclusion.

I was so excited!

Well, I finally got notice from the Britney Spears website. I did not win first place. Instead, I was the third place winner. It was still a huge deal, I mean thousands of girls had submitted a story and mine was third best. But my heart was still broken.

My spirits weren't even lifted by the personal e-mail from Britney's PR lady which said my story had had the most creative plot she'd ever encountered.

Well, then, why didn't I win first place?!?

I wanted to meet Britney!

As the third prize winner, I got a shitload of memorabilia: books, CDs, posters, stickers, and t-shirts.

And when I read the two other stories that outshone mine, I got even more sour. The second place story was well-written, but revolved around a girl who met Britney at a concert. (Ummm okay. Super exciting.) And the first place winner practically cheated by writing a heart-wrenching sob story about a little girl with cancer who spent her single wish from a genie to meet Britney. Even I had tears in my eyes after reading it. (Not fair).

Well, it took almost a year for me to get over my disappointment.

And then when I graduated high school in 2002, both of us evolved into different people.

As soon as I got to college, my taste in music changed. I started listening to indie rock because I was surrounded by it. I spent more time studying for exams and climbing the ladder of my campus newspaper than keeping up with Britney's tabloid dramas.

Even though I'm not the biggest Britney fan anymore, there will always be a little part of me that unconditionally loves her.

Because no matter how hurt or lonely or depressed I ever felt in high school, she made me want to sparkle. And for a teenage girl, sometimes that's all you need.

Thank you, Brit Brit.


Josie said...

You were ROBBED. That's ridiculous. I loved her too, though I can't say I was quite the fan you were. Major respect for you, my friend.
xo Josie

L.Voss said...

Dude I am the biggest closet britney fan. Its ridiculous.

Pff you were robbed dude. Sap stories are the cheaters way out

Bunny Moreno said...

Omg I remember when "Oops I did it again" came out....I wasnt a teen but I loved it. Its so nice to have those memories-I have some from lovin NKOTB hehehe xox

fashion meets art said...

i have same memories with her. she was such a pretty and lovely girl. it was such a big hype with her. what a wonderful post.
lovely greets and kisses
maren anita

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Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Your story should have won! Sigh, the tearjerkers always get the prize!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

sherene said...

I love that song too!

Shybiker said...

Lovely tribute, both to her and your youth.

When we're young, we need idols to aspire toward. We outgrow them, of course, but can cherish the memories. You obviously still have deep feelings from your intoxication.

This experience formed you and we appreciate your sharing it with us.

Shannon said...

I was a freshman in college when "hit me baby one more time" hit the radio. I swore to all my friends that she was going to be a one hit wonder.


Bonnie said...

This is beautifully written. I feel horrible that you didn't win the contest. Maybe I will seek Britney out and bring her to your house randomly and be like, "SURPRISE."
I still adore Britney Spears. No matter what, she always has the power to make me happy.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Awesome story Jennifer! HaHaHa SEE, you were an excellent writer back then. It's in you girl! That was awesome to win 3rd place, but I understand how you feel. It's amazing to look back at our teen idols. I'm older than you, so mine was Duran Duran. LOL I was going to marry John Taylor. LOL Have a great day girl and thanks for sharing this.

Couture Carrie said...

Brit Brit rocks, as do you ~ third place is awesome!


Mouthwash said...

OMG your story plot sounds FREAKING AMAZING! You should find that story, and post it here on the blog. You punched that awesome story how quick?! Amazing.

I took love/d Britney. When she went through her tabloid drama, I really really felt for her. My heart just broke for her, really. To have all that noise going on in your head, and to have others make money off of it must have been awful for her.

How was the Britney museum?

yiqin; said...

omg love her <3

A "cheery" disposition said...

Seriously, how did you NOT win! That was the most creative writing I have ever heard!

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Ugh! Why don't we live in the same city so that we can be BFFs? Seriously, this post and the one about Leo - I am right there with you. Totally obsessed with Leo. Watched every single film of his, starting when I was about 12. Even loved him in Gilbert Grape...which is hard to do. And Brit, man, I rocked out to her cd both openly and in the closet for FAR too long. I feel you girl, feel you.

Tights Lover said...

Wow. You can't play the cancer card. That really is cheating...that is just dirty.

Your story sounded more interesting. I sounded really interesting. I want to read it. Just send it over...

Hope you're having an amazing week as well!

Miksu said...

Britney is just so ...Britney :D she's amazing :)

I also wrote a post about her last year, read it if you want :)

Sherin said...

What? No. I wasn't a Britney fan...Umm, ok, I was a HUGE fan! I think I still have her first couple of albums.
And you should have totally won the 1st prize! Your plot rocked! Also, so jealous you won all that memorabilia. said...

LOVELY STORY:)Britney is a cutey
I really like your blog and will happily follow...If you want some inspiration for work..check out my blog:) I wish you a great week.

LOVE Maria at

Yve said...

I'll be surprised if S Club 7 don't make it into your series :)

carooolyne said...

I still like Britney ;)

amy b.s. said...

britney definitely holds a special place in my heart too. it's those great high-school memories.

Mabel said...

omg I loved Britney, too. When I was in 9th grade (the year she broke out) I was placed in this juniors and seniors study hall and NO ONE talked to me. Ever. Until one day I had Teen Magazine with me with Britney on the cover. Suddenly, five people asked if they could read my magazine when I was done. And then no one talked to me again. I'm sorry you didn't win first place, but it's pretty incredible you got third. I too graduated in 02 and Britney and I went our separate ways, but I recently checked out her singles collection cd from the library and I've been listening to it for weeks now. Even though Sometimes, From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, Lucky, and Don't Le me Be the Last to Know are missing from that collection of "singles." I loved Britney, but I was kind of always a bigger Christina fan. I just realized how long this comment is. Anyway, I could never get over how stupid that song Email my Heart was lol.

Mabel Time

lauren said...

this story officially made my day!!! best. story. ever. let's please publish that baby somewhere. third place!?!? that's horse shit!!!!!!

you rock.
lauren lanza osias

Meri said...

I've always been a Britney fan. I feel like she is in control of her life, unlike a lot of pop stars and entertainers! I bet your story was the best!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I had all of the Britney Spears dolls as a child. I thought they were the most fabulous things on the planet back then!

P.S. Third place is still awesome! :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

That's so great that you even got 3rd place in that contest.

Sorry to say, but I was never really a Britney fan. I used to love Christina back in the day, but now they are pretty equal in my book.

The Closet Shopper said...

I pretty much LOVED that story. And I really love your writing as well. I'm a fan. And I've only been through a few of your posts. I'm fixinta (Southern slang. Just like Britney) read more and more.

Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. It was really funny and I love me some funny. Thanks and it was a sign that you need to go on an Old Navy shopping spree!


Tanvi said...

That is such an adorable story. I am glad she finally got herself out of the tab-drama and got her act together. You write the best stuff, Jenny!!!

∞ © ∞

Inds said...

One of the loveliest blogs I've read.Cant get more cuter..

Anonymous said...

Just randomly stopped at your blog and read the Britney story. It looks I was about the same age too as you when Britney became popular.

As I guy, obviously Britney was pretty but I enjoyed her simple pop music too because it was just fun. What I like about her more was her work ethic and how it showed in her performances and dancing, which is very impressive for a teenager in high school when most teens that age hardly have that at all.

By 2002-2003, I fell out of my celebrity crush on her with her tabloid ways (when she was caught smoking, which I think was just plain dumb because it's career suicide) and her overt sexuality with the "In The Zone" album. I always wished she would have shown her more aggressive side and expand on that from her "Stronger" music video, onto her fourth album. I thought... it would have given her a bit more credibility rather than being increasingly focused as a sex symbol.

I enjoy her music occasionally know and then, but the decisions she made for her life were all disappointing ones from the crush I used to have of her back in 1999-2001.

Awesome story about your fandom! It brought all these memories back! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ok, i'm a guy and I've never had ant interest in Brit (whose remade herself into a nasty scab of a human, imho) ...but Ive gotta say, YOU WERE ROBBED!! Damn that was a sweet, twisted plot! ...and the cancer card? Did the bitch have cancer? Nooooo! That was underhanded cheap! Leave it to shitty PR people to sell out!

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