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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Before They Were Famous (Part II)

A couple years ago, I did a post about celebrities before they were famous. You can find it here. It was such a big hit (it is one of the most searched posts on this blog) that I decided to do a follow-up.

I normally don't like to recycle topics, but what can I say? People love to see celebrities before they hit it big. It's like gawking at animals in the zoo.

Let's start with a British person.

Simon Cowell

Today, we know him as the arrogant talent show judge who has scowled at television cameras for the past decade.

In 1979, teenage Simon was a questionable dresser who made a living as a disco DJ in a hotel. It's nice to know his personality hasn't changed.

Ryan Seacrest

I've spent way too many years trying to figure out if this television/radio host is a robot.

Needless to say, I was shocked when I saw his childhood photo.

Pamela Anderson

She is one of the most famous sex symbols of our generation.

But before Baywatch and plastic surgery, the gorgeous Canadian was a fitness instructor turned model, after being discovered in the crowd of a football game.


I've never been a big fan of Fergie. I've always thought she looked a bit scary.

So, imagine my astonishment to find out she actually used to be quite pretty. I believe she is a teenager in this photo.

And finally, I'm going to leave you with:


Before she was the hot mess pop princess we know today, Ke$ha went through an awkward middle school alternative rock phase.

Below is a really shitty video of her performing at her seventh grade talent show in Nashville. It's worth a click just for the audio alone. Enjoy!



TheRitzyFlapper said...

hahahahaha i love this post to death hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!! and fergie looked like danny from full house as a child hahahaha and i guess Pamela Anderson has always looked like a plastic bleached out hussy even as a teenager hahahaha geeze that lady needs those implants removed and a T-shirt not out of the toddle section hahah! :P I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS POST!!!! it made me laugh so hard haha you are the absolute best deary!!! thank you for this post it made my night haha

Wishing you a lovely start to your week,
TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

French Girl in Seattle said...

Well, I can see why this type of post is popular. Most of the "before" pics are quite surprising! My favorite one, I think, is Ryan Seacrest! Keep them coming Jenny!
Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Andrés Corella said...

Hahaha I still can´t get over Ryan Seacrest´s picture..who would´ve thought..and damn Pamela was REALLY hot back then!

The Black Label

TheRitzyFlapper said...

oh oh and Rayn Seacrest was the funniest of all of them haha what a picture hahah i bet he is glad to be out of that 'akward' stage hahaha! :) again i loved this post!!

thank you again sweetie,
TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

Josie said...

OH, Simon. Rough.
xo Josie

Tara said...

Aww, Ryan Seacrest hahaha! Pam Anderson was actually quite pretty before she went under the knife. And Simon Cowell? Well, he was hot shit even back in the day, I guess! :D

Sherin said...

The picture of Simon Cowell from his made me laugh so hard! Love the super smiley girl with him too!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

LOL...I love these kinds of things!! Makes one feel better when you find out you weren't the only geek!! I was a complete nerd in school, ugly glasses and clothes, but that's ok!! I love being a geek :) I love even more when those that everyone thought were geeks become successful in what they love :))) Happy Monday sweet pea, have a super week :)) xx

Liezyl Gomez said...

HAHAHAHAHa! its amazing how they transformed!

Shannon said...

Whenever I get in a bad mood, I always search for Ryan Seacrest's yearbook photo and it cheers me up.

I think reading this post was a great start to a Monday morning. :)

Tanvi said...

I like the transformation ... but there is seldom any growth ;o)

∞ © ∞

Fictitious Fashion said...

omg.. haahaha.. funny pictures!! Pamela looked 'better' previously!!!

New Post is up- Everything's New: Lots of Surprises


Vix said...

How funny! Simon Cowell's always had dreadful taste in clothes, nothing's changed there, has it? xxx

Couture Carrie said...

These pics are priceless, especially Ryan Seacrest - hah!


Tights Lover said...

Love this post!

I also love how teenage Simon still looks like he's in his late 40s!

That picture of Seacrest just made me happy. There should be a rule that any time he's on TV that picture needs to remain in the corner of the screen.

I find it sad that Pam Anderson spent however much she did in plastic surgery to get uglier. She should have donated the money to charity instead or something...

Bonnie said...

Pamela Anderson used to be pretty. I remember her on "Home Improvement," and she was so cute! The big boobs (and everything else) totally ruined her.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Movies on my Mind said...

Thanks for the kind comment Ms. Fabulous. Unlike yourself, I’m not a writer (not a qualified one at least) and do it for fun. Trust me when I tell you that my first draft of anything I write never reads too well and I constantly edit and reedit until it reads half decent. In that sense writing doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to work at it. I used to be a movie nut and happen to know a lot about film. I’m not inclined that way nowadays, well not as much. Still, should I ever get a wicked premise for a book then I’ll be sure to credit you in the acknowledgments as the one who always encouraged me to write. You’re a good person Jen.

The photo of Ryan Seacrest reminds me of myself as in an ugly kid that blossomed into a sovereign hunk. That’s the story of my life... wait; that could be the beginnings of a good book, huh?

Betina said...

OMG... Ryan Seacreast!!! I cannot believe! But that is really true. Those kids back in 3rd grade who looks nerd always turn out to be hotties when they grow up... Maybe not in all cases, but most.

Travel à la Mode

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

My girl! My girl! Jennifer, you need to be on someone's (gossip magazines') payroll. I nearly fell out my chair!!! Too hilarious. This is going to be a hit too. I can't get over Simon Cowell and "robot's" picture. LMFAOOOOOOO! Ok, I'm about to go and burn some of mine. HAHAHAHA I don't want to be famous! Love you girl and thanks for the sweet comments on my post while I was away. You made me smile! Have a great week!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

The look on a young Simon Cowell's face is ridiculous, but of course, the funniest has got to be Ryan Seacrest! What a teenage beast!

Anonymous said...

Simon Cowell used to be so hot!

Mabel Time

Blond Duck said...

Pam was so pretty before the surgery.

Meri said...

(okay, i'm better now)
That 1970s Simon just made my night. Fun post!

Anh Nguyen said...

great post!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Pamela Anderson was, is, and always will be absolutely adorable - I love her! But Simon Cowell...that teenage picture is so funny! :P

FashionJazz said...

I love seeing what they were all like before they were famous :) xx

Mouthwash said...

Aawe, Ke$sha.... such a cute little 7th grader!

Wow - I wish Pam hadn't had all those surgeries! She looked good!


Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

Pam Anderson reminds me of Janice Dickinson. Both ruined by plastic surgery. Fergie was pretty in HS. Now, I just, ugh I don't even like to look at her.

Rachel said...

What the hell is Simon wearing? And that hair!! Good lord... :\ Too funny.