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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Can I buy you a drink?

If you know me, or even read my last post for god's sake, you know I love my liquor.

Not in a sloppy dime store moonshine jug kind of way. But in a more sophisticated, pink champagne in a glittery crystal flute kind of way. (Or so I kid myself).

Well, when I'm rich and famous, I'm going to be traveling the world quite often. It's going to be sad, because I'm going to miss my family and friends back home, but I'm going to remain strong. One of the ways I'll cheer myself up will be to visit one of the bars I have listed below.

These are five of the coolest bars in the entire world. And if I'm feeling generous, and you happen to be there, I might just buy you a drink at one of them.


Absolut Ice Bar (Stockholm)

Literally the coolest, Absolut Stockholm is the world's first permanent ice bar, where the temperature is -5 degrees Celsius all year round. Drinks are served in large hollow ice cubes. The bar, walls, and tables consist of clear ice blocks.

Patrons are required to wear a warm cape and gloves. You can order delicious cocktails, such as the Icemopolitan (their version of a cosmo), Snowflake (coconut peach), and Husky Sledge (cinnamon and apple, mmmm).

Bar Surya (London)

At this popular bar, going green has never been more glamorous. Dancing actually is good for the environment. The bar has a unique flooring system that allows dancers to generate the power needed to run the air conditioner. The floor is made up of crystals which are pressed together as people dance, creating a current used for the power.

The bar also features recycled materials, such as ground up cell phones, as well as tables with legs made out of old magazines.

Harry's New York Bar (Paris)

I'm a journalist. And a literary nerd. So, I had to include Harry's. The bar was opened up in 1911 by an American. A decade later, in the stylish 1920s, wealthy Americans, as well as the literary and artistic community, started moving to Paris. Harry's New York Bar became the stomping ground for icons such as Ernest Hemingway, Coco Chanel, Rita Hayworth, and Humphrey Bogart, to name a few.

This cozy hole-in-the-wall joint even invented some famous cocktails you might recognize, like the Bloody Mary, French 75, and the Side Car.

Tiki Ti (Los Angeles)

If you've seen old Hollywood films, this bar should get you excited. You know the tiki bar scene. It's the 1950s. A pouty blonde and a dark handsome stranger are sipping exotic drinks out of pineapples, with little colorful umbrellas sticking out of them. Then shots fire.

Well, this Polynesian-themed bar on Sunset Boulevard is the epitome of that scene, minus the gangsters. Established in 1961, it used to be the go-to place for golden era film stars, who would meet there before venturing out to more glamorous and expensive nightclubs.

Skyview Bar (Dubai)

If you're afraid of heights, you might want to avoid this place. Suspended 200 meters above sea level, it provides the most spectacular views of Dubai, which is one of the world's most beautiful cities.

The drinks may cost a fortune, but the experience is certainly worth more. It ranks high on tourists' to-do lists. A little advice: catch the view before sunset. And book ahead. This place gets crowded. Fast.

So, which bar do you think is the coolest?


-E- said...

Is that the place Jake and Bill go in the Sun Also Rises that's crowded with Americans? I think it is.

ravenlocks said...

OMG I want to go to Dubai now! Harry's probably something more doable for me. It looks comfy and right up my alley ;)

PS. I was now finally able to add the GFC button to my blog. You can follow me through there too if you's easier to keep track of than bloglovin I think.



Mouthwash said...

These bars all sound so cool. The coolest one I have ever been to was in LA, at the airport. It's that ginormous thing that kinda looks like a dome. It moves. It also has an alien theme.

So weird.

But when you become rich hopefully I'll be rich too - that way we can travel the world together!

Pratishtha Durga said...

"dance to save the world." I love that. They all sound fabulous. I am more of a cafe-bistro person.

Sherin said...

I've always wanted to go to the one in Stockholm. It sounds amazing. And I'm definitely going to find that bar in London.

The Grande Dame said...

I'll meet you anywhere except the Dubai bar. F*ck Dubai and its "I've got so much money" attitude. F*ck off. I'm cooler than that and so are you Jennifer. PS I loved your What's in my Bag post.

Shannon said...

I actually went to a Sub Zero bar while in Vegas. Of course, the extremes of climate between inside and outside the bar was humorous, but it was still a fun experience!

Vix said...

Harry's for me. I like a scruffy old boozer with a clientèle to match! x

fabulousjunk said...

Amazing.. makes me want to travel, and drink. Two of my favorite things. I like them all, but I really like that Tiki Bar vibe :) Will be going to Iceland in October so I will let you know if theres any cool bars there.


David Macaulay said...

you sure can. Hmm for some reason I love this post (maybe because it's alocohol linked)

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

I'd totally want to visit the stockholm bar, that looks so cool!

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Oh to Be a Muse said...

The Ice Bar reminds me of the ice hotel, so I think I'd definitely want to go there too. And the one in Dubai, of course, for its sheer opulence.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

I love this post and would love to go to that ice bar (although I get cold faster than anyone I know)...I've sadly only been to Harry's Bar and the Tiki one but would love to try the rest!

xo Mary Jo

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

The first 3 are my fave! The ice bar would be cool for a minute, but after awhile it'd be too cold for comfort!
The one with the floor that generates power when you dance is actually really cool and interesting. That sucks for the workers though if nobody is dancing/there bc it'd be super hot haha
Harry's bar was cool to learn about!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

HAHA Jen! Me and my ex were thinking about going to the Ice Bar in Stockholm. We broke up before anything could be put in place. I think they are so beyond interesting. Love that Paris one too!

TheAvenueVee said...

I think the notion of the ice bar is super cool! I have yet to go to one, but would love to experience it. There is one in Canada as well (near Montreal).

xx - Vee, The Avenue Vee

Stylish By Nature said...

Great pics !! I want to go to Dubai now! The bars sound so cool.

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Tiffany said...

wow the one in Dubai looks amazing!!
I love visiting cool bars as well

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Great choice of bars...I like the Stockholm one, I knew some people that went to that one and had a great time! I don't drink, but I think I'd go to that one :) You know when I was writing my post, I knew you would like that & kept thinking it was your kind of thing to. Haha. I had watched a documentary on museums and they talked of the statue, those old kind of police/mystery/arty kind of shows :) Great minds indeed ;) Have a super weekend doll x

The Dainty Dolls House said...

P.S. Haven't seen the movie yet, but will do soon :)) Have you seen it!?! If so, should I?? If it was good.

A BRIT GREEK said...

Girl, I'll def take you out for a drink in whichever city you're lusting after! If it's London, they also have an Ice Bar there - I looked like a monstrous oaf or basically Big foot in the ice cape and gloves when handloing my drink. So.Not.Sexy! Ha!
I should mention there are so many more amazeballs bars all over London, depends what your thing is, but wherever you choose to be it'll be a good night out, expensive yes, but damn good!
Hmm, there are plenty of bars here too! In Hong Kng you'll have some amazing views from the top of the Peninsula Hotel bar!

I made it my (and my BFF's) mission to go to all the bars in the tallest building all over the world on our 365 days of travelling - so much fun!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this virtual barhopping, darling!
I am rather fond of the bar in the Hudson Hotel in NYC.. it has a Lucite floor! Also love Bemelmann's Bar in the Carlyle; it has a wraparound mural painted by Madeline author Ludwig Bemelmann :)


MattieMo said...

Oh my, those are some awesome places :) I'd loooove to go to that one in Stockholm, it sounds beyond perfect :D

Halima said...

The skyview bar in Dubai looks absolutely beautiful!

Unfortunately I am not rich or famous so can not travel abroad to visit these stunning bars, however in Manchester, UK (Where I'm living at the moment), we have a very cool bar/restaurant called The Alchemist where they use science to make their cocktails. LUSH xx

borka gamero said...

Lovely blog! I adore it!
follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? let me know in the comments... will be more than happy to follow you back!
Have a great weekend!

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

In Vegas they have a bar called Five Below and it's an ice bar. Went with my Mom and sister a few years back. It really was a cool concept and a lot of fun. If you had a bigger group it would be a great experience too. They take your picture and you can then have a nifty souvenir.

Ocean Dreams said...

I'm not much of a drinker but I'll head to these bars, they look so cool! I need to go to the Los Angeles one especially - how fun!