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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Siblings to the Stars

It would suck to be the sibling of a mega-celebrity.

Well, I'm sure there are a ton of perks though. Exotic vacations. Extravagant gifts. Movie premiere invites.

But, would you really want to be stuck in the suffocating shadow of your brother or sister your entire life? Your identity, everything about you, would be stripped away forever. You would never escape it. The world would only know you as a footnote.

Well, here are five siblings who have decided to step outside of that shadow.


Alex Watson

Holy. Fucking. Gorgeous.

This is Emma Watson's younger brother, Alex. I know she's 23 so I'm really hoping he's legal. Otherwise my thoughts aren't.

When his sister played Hermoine in the Harry Potter movies, he played an extra.

And now he's a high-fashion model.

Unfortunately, there isn't much useful information about Alex online. The only "biography" I could find was super creepy fan fiction claiming Alex had been sexually abused by his uncle and forced to consume nothing but rain water for 30 hours as a child. It's a delightfully disturbing tale, if you want to read it here.

But I don't mind not knowing much about Alex. Photos tell a thousand words. And his photos are telling me things I can't print here.


Her sister, Beyonce, is a diva. But Solange is an artist.

A musician in her own right, Solange has a more indie-like vibe that can be felt through her music and videos. While Beyonce is simply an untouchable Hollywood icon, her little sister is definitely like the cool girl at the party you really, really want to hang out with instead.

I kind of have a crush on her.

I'm obsessed with her hair.

And her style is ridiculous. She's kind of like the Edie Sedgwick of our generation. Quirky. Playful. Chic. But still approachable.

The 26-year-old has a nine-year-old son from a teenage marriage. And while she doesn't support teenage pregnancy, the devoted mom said she wouldn't trade her experience for anything in the world.

Now that's class.

Doug Pitt

You can't get any more famous than Brad Pitt. Which is why I find his brother, Doug, so fascinating.

Instead of sulking in his older brother's gorgeous shadow, the all-American Doug has made his family extremely proud in a different way.

The father-of-three is one of the most prominent businessmen in the Midwest and he is also one of the most influential philanthropists in the world.

His Springfield, Missouri based computer company just celebrated 22 years of service. He's earned every local business award the city could possibly bestow. And when he's not busy boosting Springfield's economy, he's giving back to the community.

He donates a TON of his time towards helping the homeless and disadvantaged children in the Springfield area.

In 2010, he was named the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania. The changes he has made there are astronomical and honestly, I can't even list them all here.

Oh, and did I mention that a couple years ago, Doug became the first American to descend Mount Kilimanjaro on a mountain bike? And that his good-natured humor earned him a viral video earlier this year?

The guy is a legitimate bad ass.

Lizzy Pattinson

While her younger brother, Robert, has been captivating the hearts of teenage girls around the world, 30-year-old Lizzy has been pursuing a music career.

Who needs vampires when you have vocal chops?

The gorgeous blonde has performed with the UK band Aurora and the German duo Milk & Sugar.

Her vocals can also be heard on various Twilight soundtracks.

She's garnered a devoted fan base in Europe, thanks to her famous brother. Many of his female fans attend her events, not only because she's super cool, but because he often attends to watch her perform.

I'm sure being a stunner has helped her career as well, famous brother or not.

Dave Franco

He's a stone cold hunk. No question about it. And, he's an actor. Basically, Dave is a cooler and younger version of his older brother, James.

I can live with that.

Surprisingly, it took a while for Dave to catch his break in Hollywood. Only a handful of his films have made waves, such as Superbad, 21 Jump Street, and Warm Bodies.

Riding on the coattails of his big brother in the movie industry couldn't have been easy. After all, even though James Franco is 35, he looks 28. And that's the age Dave is going to be in June. They're probably going after the same types of roles.

Fortunately, it looks like Dave's luck in Hollywood is improving.

His next movie, Now You See Me, is a bank heist thriller set to be released next month. It also stars Morgan Freeman and Woody Harrelson.

Not bad, Dave, not bad.

So what do you think of these superstar siblings? Which one is your favorite?


Kim Alston said...

that is my first time seeing Brad Pitt's brother. haha i wouldn't mind being a celebrity sibling :D i can't get pass all the cool perks i would get. slime, i know! but hey! great post jennifer.


WHoa, I didn't even know Brad Pitt had a brother. He kind of looks like him, but isn't that crazy? Imagine having Brad Pitt as your uncle... I would have inbred thoughts. Well, good for him!

Dave Franco is effing hot.

Other notable celebrity siblings; Ashlee Simpson, Hayley Duff, Dakota Fanning's sister (lol can't remember her name).

I think if you're related to any celebrity in general, it's hard. You will always live in their shadows. I guess it's cool at first like 'OMG YOU'RE TOM CRUISE'S SISTER' but then eventually it would begin to suck because he would make all of your accomplishments look like fungus on petri dish.


Anonymous said...

The other Franco kid so smoking hot!!! Doesn't Scarlett Johannsen have a twin brother? I most certainly spelled her name wrong.

I just remembered I liked that Solange song, "I decided," and now I'm playing it. Thanks!

Mabel Cooks

Rosh S said...

Wow! The Franco brother is hot! Thanks for introducing me to him ;)

Sherin said...

I love Dave Franco so much. Hell, I love those Franco brother's A LOT.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are awesome!! SOme of them I knew, others I had no idea and wouldn't have any idea if someone didn't tell me who they were. Am glad they've carved their lives out for themselves. I hope you have a sweet weekend doll xx

Shannon said...

Dude(ette)!! I love this series! Can you do more? I didn't even know Brad Pitt had a brother. And I'm not so big on little Franco. He always plays the weaselly guy in movies.

Couture Carrie said...

Awesome bios!
I am now in love with Dave Franco!


Aimee P said...

"I'm really hoping he's legal. Otherwise my thoughts aren't." "And his photos are telling me things I can't print here." haha, he is very hot. ;) Fabulous post!
xoxo Aimee


ELLE FANNING! The name came to me in a dream!


ravenlocks said...

I'm fascinated by these people. I would rather read a book about the lives of any of these people than of their celebrity siblings. I actually think Dave Franco is better looking than his brother ;) You described Beyonce vs her sister PERFECTLY. I loved that line "While Beyonce is simply an untouchable Hollywood icon, her little sister is definitely like the cool girl at the party you really, really want to hang out with instead." Solange is beautiful! I would much rather have a conversation with her than her sis. B seems kind of full of herself.

I saw a picture of Brad's brother before. It was on yahoo news or something...and it was about celeb siblings. The article wasn't very well written.

PS. About the whole racism issue...I try not to think about it so much. But it really is a problem in the US. If anything, I think it's gotten worse. Maybe it's always been the same and we just never realized how bad is really was?

ravenlocks said...

PS. I like the new captchas! No numbers!

Elisse said...

Uhhhh, hello ALEX!! And just when I thought Brad was awesome, his bro is the ultra-philantropist! I'm Elisse and I approve this post ;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Solange! I absolutely adore her! Her style is EPIC...and that hair! :)

Meri said...

You know as time goes on I've started to prefer solange to beyone in many ways. and brad pitt's brother- what a let down hahaha!

Josie said...

Daaaaang, Dave Franco. What a stud.
xo Josie

sherene said...

my favorite: Doug and Brad:)

Anonymous said...

Franco brothers are hot alright. Nothing more to say.

Great blog.

Johanna V said...

Maybe it's enough said that I only knew of Solange - the others are totally new to me. But good to know they have careers and are doing somewhat well, unlike Madonna's homeless brother.

But that Dave Franco... Gosh, he's darn fine-looking man, just like young mr. Watson there (totally getting what you mean about forbidden thoughts, lol ;)). Great post as always - especially with the eye candies provided ;) xo ♥

Imogen said...

Solange was the only one I had ever heard of... this post also reminds me of Hilary Duff's sister and also Elizabeth Olsen which I think it's great to see her establishing a career for herself now. I absolutely couldn't handle it being the sibling of a celebrity. I always found it hard enough having a sister that was so smart and being one of the least outgoing people in my family. I often feel in the shadows as it is. So I can only imagine how much harder having a celebrity sibling would be.

Audrey Allure said...

Dave Franco <3 Enough said.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I've seen Dave in movies and he's just as cute as his brother. And I saw that Doug Pitt commercial a while back and thought, "man, it must be tough being Brad's brother." But he seems to be a fun guy with a lot going for himself. That first photo of Alex is pretty hot, and we all love Solange. Couldn't care less about the Pattinsons though.

Oh to Be a Muse
Shop Layered Muse


Wow, Franco's brother! I'm always intrigued by mega-stars' siblings. It must be hard sometimes ... I just recently saw Alexander SkarsgÄrd's brother in an article. Sometimes the hotness continues forever! :-) lol /Madison

aki! said...

My favorite one to learn about was Brad Pitt's brother. It's so admirable that he's successful in an entirely different direction.

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