Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Diary

One of my biggest regrets about my life so far is that I've never kept a diary.

And that's bizarre because writing is my life. Growing up, I always wrote short stories and did the whole school newspaper thing, of course. But for the most part, I preferred to spend my free time living life rather than writing about it.

And it's a shame because there are so many memories I want preserved, in every detail, that are slipping away from me:

My first kiss (We were 14 and I wasn't really into him, but out of curiosity let him take me to the swimming pool bleachers for a quick tongue war between classes).

My first boyfriend (His name was Jeff and we were 16 and spent every waking minute together, whether it be hiking in the woods all day or going to movies or walking around town aimlessly while planning our wedding...he is now a homosexual party boy in NYC).

My babysitting disasters (i.e. One girl smashed a wall of her house with a baseball bat because I wouldn't let her boyfriend come over and then proceeded to put her little brother in the dryer).

My college dating disasters (i.e. One guy took me out to a series of poetry readings and declared I was his soulmate, and then took off for Ireland a week later without telling me. Never heard from him again).

My first pair of Jimmy Choo heels

And so forth.

This blog has really helped me start the diary process... I don't have the time right now to sit down and right a detailed version of every single day. But at least this helps me jot down the important events in my life and a little taste of my thoughts.

But oh how I wish I had kept one back then...I guess for now I'm just writing down all the memories I have while I still have them...


Anonymous said...

I've only ever kept sporadic diaries. I know I even destroyed one when I was 14 because it was too embarrassing...what I wouldn't give to have it now.

La Femme Chic said...

WEIRD! I just did I similar post on diaries/writing!
The babysitting disaster sounds insane! She put her brother in the dryer...? wow.
Hmm a homosexual party boy in NYC eh? Makes me wonder about the guys that I know now. haha

Sophia said...

I keep a diary, though I don't write in it every day.

The only reason I do it is because I secretly hope that someday my great-grandchildren will find it and think I was a really cool person and know all my inner thoughts that no one else knows.

I romanticize everything :)

Sophia said...

Oh, and Celia's great too! I like her haircut. I definitely didn't like what she did about Tahlia though. I felt like Tahlia was confiding in the girls and then they threw her under the bus for it. Maybe she was just having an off day!

Sophia said...

by the way, i tagged you :) :)

Anonymous said...

I have kept a diary since 1982 but what I recommend to people who want to but havent is:
- get some nice storage boxes and then write years on them and you will be surprised what photographs, programmes, postcards you for those years and just write something with it - anything you keep or write will invoke a memory! I havent written EVERY SINGLE page but the memories still flood back! Love the artwork by the way. Diary Keeper from Kent

Rodriguezerlk said...

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