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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Schmandom

Three Things That Took Me By Surprise This Week

I saw the new Tabasco commercial yesterday and it terrified me. Has anyone else seen this thing? It has men's faces coming out of pepperoni, singing. I'm too scared to eat pizza ever again now.

The last time a commercial gave me nightmares was when Burger King came up with its plastic-faced king mascot who pops into people's bedrooms unexpectedly.

My best friend Jonny (who left me for Dallas) is the biggest Barbra Streisand fan in the entire world. He sits front row at her concerts in NYC and Washington D.C. every times she tours. He knows every song by heart. For the past five years, I have had the privilege to be his audience while he belts out her tunes. Sometimes I even chimed in.



Well, I was missing him so much this morning that I put on one of her CDs he gave me and I actually got goosebumps. Apparently after all these years I have become a fan of her myself without even realizing it. Songs I recommend: Someday and Evergreen. Both of those songs should give you goosebumps too. Unless you are a zombie.

I never wear it, but lately I've been wanting to. Which is strange, but I think it would be fun for a change. I always look so plain. The problem is, I don't know how to apply it at all.

Also, some of the stuff scares me. Like, what is an eye lash curler? Why do people need one? Do people still wear blush?
If anyone knows of really good makeup books or youtube tutorials I could watch, let me know! If I do it blindly, I will look like a clown. Sigh.

Well, that's my random post for today. What stuff surprised you this week?


kelly said...

ok. first off....that commercial burger king...scares me for days. DAYS.

i really dread wearing make up ..but its a good pick me up once in a while. i love eyelash curler. my lashes are short and they point down so when i curl them they open up my eyes..its super purdy! i did a little post about mascara if you search my blog! and always gives your skin that lively just ran look if done correctly!!

try it out girl you might like it...just keep it low maintenance

kelly said...

OH and thanks so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments!! xoxo

Sophie said...

That plastic burger king man scares me as well... Oh starting to wear more makeup is exciting! I personally never wear blush, I think it looks gorgeous though I just have quite pink cheeks already and dont think I could put it on properly but I wish I could wear it. Just play about with things one night you are staying in and see what works for you. xo

Diamonds in the dark said...

bloody hell, england doesnt have those shit scary adverts! if only an advert could scare me off fatty foods! sigh... ive been wearing make-up everyday since i was a young teen, now its at the point where i literally cannot leave the house without any on! i guess if you never usually wear it, if you use subtle amounts it will have a great noticeable effect without people actually fully acknowledging you're wearing any! x

AudreyAllure said...

oh man, that burger king guy was a little scary lol.

i will definitely check out those barbra streisand songs & as for makeup, i just play around with it and see what looks good & what doesn't. i'm not much of a makeup expert myself. lol

janettaylor said...

I think Ur friend (Johnny) has great taste. Barbara S. is really unique lady and great actress too...

Happy Friday, dear!

daisychain said...

eek, eyelash curlers and me do not get along. at all.

Little Red said...

That Burger King guy freaks me out. But at the same time, I want to get a mask of his face and sneak into my friends' rooms to scare them at night. Hahaha!

Pop Champagne said...

the BK king IS scary!! and Barbra Streisand LOL funny. My mom loves her too, I suppose she's not all that bad, but her concerts costs $$$$! And yeah I never buy make up from the dollar store either, it's super sketch :S Have a great weekend!

kpeach said...

I just watched The Way We Were last week, I love Barbara and I feel like no one would expect me to! xx

CHICMUSE said...



ash said...

i am kinda terrified to use tabasco, sick. haha.

i still wear blush, and the eyelash curler i just now started using, because i finally figured out what its used for, duh.

i would try to find some tutorials for you but im rusing to work :)

have a great day.

xo ash

Tights Lover said...

That pizza commercial creeped my out so bad the first time I saw it!

Thanks for your kind words on my blog!

yiqin; said...

I dont use an eyelash curler too :)

OceanDreams said...

Oh my gosh those commercials are freakin hilarious but I can understand why they are scary too!

Umm, I love Barbara Streisand and so glad that it brought you closer to your friend, she is the best.

My advice with makeup is if you want an idea of how to apply it go to MAC or Loreal station and have them show you how to apply it. That will give you a professional example and I believe it is still free these days. Yes, keep it light and the only bad thing about the stations are they over apply the makeup, but it would still give you a good idea. But natural beauty is the best, I regret wearing too much makeup sometimes.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Jen Ben said...

Yeah, everyone I know thinks that eyelash curlers look like some sort of torture device. I use one daily however and I have to say it makes a huge difference.

You have long and beautiful eyelashes already, so I wouldn't worry about it :-)

Well, hmmm, on a daily basis, I use mascara, spot concealer (for any pimples), lip gloss and a peachy blush. If I were you, I would stay away from facial stuff (foundation/powders) and maybe just use a light pink blush on your cheeks and some gloss/pink lipstick on a daily basis. Once again, your eyes are perfect and gorgeous, so just let them be. If you call me, I would be happy to give you a phone tutorial :-)

Love you and miss you!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Okay that commercial is wrong. I'm still scared of the Burger King. hmm...maybe that's why I never go in there? lol.

I have issues with make-up too. I've actually never used an eye-lash curler cuz I don't know how to use one! It scares me a bit.

aww I hope you get to see your friend johnny soon!!

I hope u have a good weekend hun! I'm doing a giveaway so make sure to enter!! =)

Ela said...

That BK idea was dumb, dumb, dumb. Why on earth did they think that'd entice anyone to go get a Whopper - serioulsy, scary stuff. i won't even dare click on that commercial. I love my hot sauce too much to let it turn me off the stuff.

I'm at one with my lash curler. I need it, heart it, keep it in a safe place. And yes, people wear blush! Sent you an email last night about what I do - didn't realize you had posted. So sorry to get here late, you know I heart you :)

I'll have to listen to see if it'll give me goosebumps or once and for all confirm that I'm a zombie :)

dapper kid said...

That is SUCH a creepy advert!! I am so having nightmares tonight lol. Ooh and I shall definitely be checking out the Barbara songs :) Hope you're having a lovely day.

Couture Carrie said...

The commercials that scare you scare me too! Yikes!

And yes I still use blush... Nars, I think...

Have a fab weekend, darling!


Savvy Gal said...

i am with you about these food and human-like ads. i can't eat M&M because of the commerical. you can go to a makeup counter and have them teach you how to do light makeup.

Liya said...

i think...that i'm not sleeping tonight after that awful commercial
who thinks up this crap???

funny post!

Barry said...

What surprised me this week? Well tonight on the way home I saw a moron driving a Smart Car. True.


Faces in the pepperoni is kinda weird. I've heard of head cheese but this is ridiculous.

Yeah, that Burger King commercial always weirded me out. And believe me, when you're as weird as me you don't get weirded-out easily.
Would you REALLY welcome this guy into your home? What's this commercial saying? That if you eat at Burger King enough you'll grow an oversized, medieval mutant plastic head? Oh yeah, and if that's not bad enough how 'bout we make it so your lips won't move? Mmm yeah baby, give me three cheese burgers now. WTF?

Those eyelash curlers definitely look like bondage devices. Don't use them Jen, stay far FAR away. It's only a short step to nipple clamps, scuba gear and hand puppets.

Sometimes, when I'm shopping with Sandy in the pharmacy and I get bored, I hang around the eyelash curler display trying to figure out the kinky things they're actually used for. "Eyelash curlers" huh? Yeah as-if. Closest thing to these for men would be, I dunno,...jock straps with spikes in 'em.

Okay, Prozak's kicking in now. I'm in my happy place.

I've never been a huge Streisand fan (I was always amazed they could fit all of her nose on a CD cover), but I'd have to say my favourite song was her rendition of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind".


Barry said...

Shit, I just wrote a lot. Oops...

(\ /)
o o
(") (")

Barry said...

And now my bunny's distorted. That's it, I'm goin' to bed.

Night night.


Beth Dunn said...

I have not worn make up since high school except special occasions. and while I may look old I just can't bring myself to do it..but if you find something awesome keep me in mind. I do like the look of mascara and eyeliner=even the day after. xoxo


Tiffani said...

hahah that tabasco commercial is SO creepy

Valeriesoh said...

That plastic king face thing is super creepy!! I would be motified...... like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Damsels said...

people definitely still wear blush ! i cant live without it ... where as eye lash curler i can do without ... but i have no lashes to speak of .. i say experiment at home .. dont try out new stuff the day of a night out or anything .. best to do a test run

Etrapar said...

hmmm...I'm lucky because I don't eat pizza so often ^.^

MJ said...

That Burger King commercial is honestly the SCARIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Keep us updated on your experiments with makeup!

Melanie's Randomness said...

hey dear I wanted to leave an extra comment that I'm doing a giveaway over at my blog that you might wanna join!! I hope u have a good weekend girlie!! =)

Cafe Fashionista said...

That Tabasco alone is one of the reasons I am absolutely thrilled not to have cable. What a terrifying advertisement - I can imagine it sends little ones running screaming from the room each time it comes on. :)

Make-up...I wear lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara. Nothing else. I have never used an eyelash curler, blush, eyeshadow, so I'm no help there. I think it's best to enhance your favorite features, and be minimal with make-up in other areas. :)

Tom Bailey said...

You have a very readable blog.

I was connected to you from another blog

The burger king mascot - the first time I saw him I thought it would be funny if they had him tackling a ufc fighter. They sponsor the UFC.

Best regards

Kristin said...

I have never tried an eyelash curler. Weird? Oh well. :)

Tink in My Closet said...

Your random posts are always so entertaining!!

Nubiasnonsense said...

LMFAOOO that tabasco thing is creepy and burger king omg SCARYYYY

Imogen said...

I totally agree about that add, its the most crazy one I have ever seen. Also as for eye lash curlers, I am too scared to use them in case I pull an eyelash out. thats probably not very helpful.