Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sudden Optimist

2009 sucked.

2010 was worse.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been waking up with a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. A feeling so unusual, it really did take me a long time to figure it out. The feeling is hope.

No matter how many bad things happen to me, I can't keep wallowing in misery like I've been doing the past two years. In order to create a positive change, I need to make it happen myself.

I want 2011 to be about ME. While I don't have a job, I want to use this time bettering myself. Making myself more beautiful on the inside and out. Educating myself on things I have always wanted to learn, but never had time.

I want to be content with life.

I want to have fun without consequences.

I want to feel free and careless.

I want to be a stronger person.

I don't think I'm asking for much. And if I make an effort, I don't think my results will be hard to come by.

I don't know where this feeling of optimism came from. It magically appeared this year. Maybe I'm just sick of being overcome with misery.

But I do think happiness is on my horizon.

God, I really hope I don't look back on this post next year and cry.


Sarah said...

Reading this has made me feel very optimistic after a pretty rubbish day, thank you! Here's to a great 2011.

Chic Geek said...

Such a great post! Great things will happen to you if you make them happen. xo

Ton Amour said...

Oh it'll be a fantastic year.

RETRO REVA said...

I just found you via the amazing Vix and you are so damn funny! and honest. New follower fo sho!!!
chin up, lol .........

Tamara Nicole said...

You deserve it all hun! I am so excited to watch and see how this year goes for you, it'll be amazing! Just keep up the positive thinking and great things will come your way!

Loved this post, you got me all optimistic as well!!!

CandeS said...

Sky is the limit, and a minute you are miserable, 60 minutes of happines waisted...or somthing like this...anyway I just want to let you know that as long as you want it, it will happen. I am sure you are a wonderful person and just wanting to be better from the inside out is already huge...some don't look at that...
A toast to you and your unforgettably amazing 2011

Robin said...

1. You are beautiful. Inside and out.
2. You are awesome.
3. There is a fashion show coming up at UMKC- probably more about self-esteem than fashion, but you should come with me!

StyleID said...

What a nice feeling.... I can totally relate to the feeling.
Your will is what will really make it happen.
Thank you! thank you very much for posting about this, it is encouraging and NO! you won't be looking back at this in a year and cry, then you will laugh and be very happy.
(nice pictures)


Katie said...

I hear you! This year has also had a different, positive outlook for em as well.
Rock 2011! Do everything you want to do, and become the person you want to be! You can.

The Shanner of Attention said...

YAY! Here's to a fabulous year for a fabulous person!

Jennifer said...

I love it! take this motto and run wild with it darling! =) You've totally got this!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Monroe Steele said...

You should read this post once a week to remind yourself of where you want to be. Its therapeutic. Do the things in life that make you happy. Dont depend on anyone else to bring happiness into your life. You should be able to create it for yourself. Believe!

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

David L Macaulay said...

I'd say attitude and self confidence is 90 percent of the battle. You can do it and I wish you all the best. Although should you become a javelin thrower, I wouldn't recommend that dress.

Elisse said...

This year can certainly be an amazing one for you! Keep the optimism up - you never know!!!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohhh I needed to read this right now. I need to find my hope that everything is going to be alright. I love that javelin picture because I used to throw javelin in high school sans evening gown. hehe.

Venus In Virgo said...

Well said,well deserved. Good Luck Jennifer! XOXO

tanvii.com said...

Sounds like an AWESOME plan! Here's to 2011. You get them, girl!

I'm Eggy said...

wow, great post. a pretty snazzy way to out in those fitting photos. and i agree completely. it seems that everything just gets worse but i too, am hopeful it will all eventually get better. hang in there!


yiqin; said...

very intersting post :)

Nikosmommy said...

This year is going to be amazing. By believing in yourself and empowering yourself to get up and take risks, try new things, you`ll make some serious changes this year.
I think we wait for things to happen to us instead of making them happen.
Figuring out how to ``make things happen`` is the hard part....
Hang in there!

Josie said...

Here's to hoping, my dear -- and staying optimistic for an amazing 2011!
xo Josie

Daria Hutt said...

Lovely blog and post, dear. You are welcome to step by my blog. Sure, i'll follow you back


♥ El blog de moda de Daria Hutt

Vanilla said...

Love this post! hope you have a wonderful year :)

Love, Vanilla

veda said...

being happy is a choice that can be chosen by your mind.. so, that positive wave is great for us to start a new beat of our life. a beat of happiness and a better us...

Imogen said...

I am so pleased to hear this it made me feel happy too. You certainly have the right attitude and perspective. I wish I'd used the summer holidays that just ended to make myself a better person and work towards what I want to be but it took until the end of the break to realise some very important things. I'm writing a post at the moment about how I feel because I suddenly feel some hope too. Let's make 2011 a better year for us. What you wrote about in the last line crosses my mind too.

Nells said...

just an amazing post!!i feel like you are talking through me hons!!
wishing for the best!
a big kiss!


a woman's right to shoes said...

2011 will be an amazing year, I can just feel it. There is something in the air. And by feeling optimistic I think it is amazing what can happen in your life. Trust me, I know.


daisychain said...

and in turn, this post makes me feel hopeful.

<3 you are amazing x

Vintage Vixen said...

What a fabulously postive post adn you've chosen some kick ass illustrations to make your point. 2011 can be the best year ever, it's all down to you, gorgeous girl! xxx

alessandra nitti said...

XOXO http://wonderfashionista.blogspot.com/

Peach said...

You'll have a fantastinc year, you just have to be open to happiness, and it'll come for sure :)
great post, you made me feel so optimistic! thanks a lot honey!


Cybelle e Fabi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cybelle e Fabi said...

Wise words!!! Such an amazing post!!!
xoxo Cybelle & Fabi


Couture Carrie said...

Yay, darling J!
I am sooooo happy for you!
This is your year, I just know it.
I am so proud of you for finding optimism and seeking happiness.
Good things are sure to come your way. Rememmber that saying: We make our own luck!


P.S. That DKNY dress would look fantastic on you!

DeLiz said...

Cutieee ♥ I hope that your 2011 will be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) love that pictures...xoxo


E... said...

Cool, cool post!! Really interesting...:)


Courtney Erin said...

I really love this - sometimes thinking positively really is the first step!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Sherin said...

Fabulous! I'm so inspired. I totally understand how rough the job hunt can be, but I've been trying to have as much fun as possible and I'm feeling good. Here's to an amazing 2011 for everyone.

LyftIMC LUVA said...

very nice blog ;)
follow you !!!



Bonnie said...

2009 was horrible for me, as well.
2010 was pretty bad in the last 4 months of the year.
2011 has not started off too well.
I keep hope alive, like the Crystal Method says. (I hope you heard of that group, otherwise that "joke" was completely ridiculous.)
If you don't have hope, then you don't have anything.
Life is all about hope, smiling, life, taking good from bad situations, making the best out of everything, having fun whenever possible ...
Wow. That was oddly optimistic of me.
I'm proud of myself. :)

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Twenty.Something said...

This made me smile! 2011 should be about YOU and being happy. Life is way too short. I learned this the hard way, but it's so true. If you have a positive attitude, good things will happen :)

Pippa said...

I love this post :) Im sure lots of people feel like this! I have a pretty sad few months ahead as my boyfriend is going travelling but I want to be an independent person and be stronger like you said!
www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3 xxx

JUST ME said...

Yes yes YES! I know I haven't been the most hopeful as of late but we all need to make sure we allow it to seep into our systems whenever we can.

It's such an important word in the journey of life.


Christopher said...

I've decided that I'm going to come up with one new and interesting thing to try a week. It's been so-so so far. We'll see how it works.

Ria :) said...

im a very negative person and can never be positive but i hope everything goes well for you



MG said...

although i'm mostly a bitch and rude and negative - because that's funnier - i can honestly tell you that this 100% works. seriously. email me if you ever want to talk about it.


MG said...

although i'm mostly a bitch and rude and negative - because that's funnier - i can honestly tell you that this 100% works. seriously. email me if you ever want to talk about it.


Scarlett.Adele said...

This post has just made my day. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the comment on my blog xx


Josephine said...

GREAT POST, and so inspiring! I'll definitely keep this way of thinking in mind next time I feel a bit down.

I follow you now, so hope you'll follow back?!:)

Check out my blog:


Kavery said...

Things can only get better. You deserve to be happy. Here's hoping for only the best for you (and me :) ) in 2011!!

allie said...

Good for you! Optimism is best! And I agree there seems to be something in this 2011 air that has everyone feeling a little more upbeat... I just know you won't look back at this in a year and cry!!
xo, allie

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Worthy goals, J-Fab. I read somewhere that men who chase contentment wind up driving themselves mad, but I don't believe it.

M* said...

of course you'll have a fantastic year...last year it was bad for me too, so i have hope...this will be different!!!



yaya said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I smiled and laughed when I read your posts...you are very talented and your youth, beauty and enthusiasm will take you everywhere you want to go...if you find a good mechanic of course! I hope 2011 is heaven for you!

L.Voss said...

preach it girl! I think as a whole we all must OWN 2011

BRAD said...

All of these words - I could have written myself in my life as well (and I'm sure many others are in the same boat) ♥

Grazie/Thank You for your lovely comments on my BLOG: http://www.sprezza2raw.com/ :-) :-)

baci ♥ Brad

Barry said...

You've said it, you feel it, now you just need to keep it alive Jen. This can happen for you but you also have to want it and work for it.

I'll be with you every step of the way and do whatever I can to support you in your journey. xoxo

ilsteviewonder said...

great photos!!!!!!!

Style, She Wrote said...

Hang in there! Things can only get better! Hold onto the hope! And thanks for your super sweet comment! xo style, she wrote

Sandra said...

You won't! The post is fabulous!

t said...

Good luck this year!


A BRIT GREEK said...

Jennifer, this is such a lovely post, as I can imagine many can relate to this post. We have have crappy days, months, years, but i'm sure you will be ok.
It's great that you're optimistic, good things will happen, if YOU make them happen too!
Nikosmommy is right doll, if you also have empowering thoughts & beliefs, focus on the positive or things that you want to happen, and it'll happen.
You also have to destroy any old 'belief systems' you originally had too! So Imagine your belief is a table top ('I am freakin' fabulous'). What supports the table top is its legs. If your table only has two legs, it will not support the top and the table will surely fall over. If the table has three legs, it can stand on its own but what is stronger than that is a table with four legs or more. Each of the table legs can be likened to a belief reference (a notion, an idea, a memory). The more references you have to support a belief, the stronger the belief will be. Each leg, or reference, can be thin and frail or they can be thick and strong. What makes any belief stronger and more robust is the amount of references and the emotional intensity or charge of each reference that supports it.
p.s sorry for a long comment sweets.

SMASH said...

Oooh Jen--you and me both!! Last year was especially sucky (i'd been calling it twenty ten, no ones friend) and I'm definitely right there with you with making 2011 a year to really try an accomplish things--emphasis on the trying part especially. Even if things don't pan out I think it's nice to know that if you've made the effort and done everything you can then you really can't get too bent out of shape about things, no matter which way they turn out :)


fashion.gossipmk said...

Awww..you are sooo cute!! Love this post! You should be optimistic about life, cause this year is gonna be awesome for everyone...I can totally feel it!!! :
Xoxo, K.

KARNOSKI said...

now I'm following you
you're sweet dear
keep in touch (:


with love, cris

Joanna Paulsen said...

Great post! Be positive and it'll be a great year!


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I feel you and understand what you mean at the moment I want so many changes in my life but am too scared to make the first step. Im sure it going to be a truley amazing year for you.

The Seeker said...

Thank you so much, dear for dropping by my blog and left such nice and kind note.

I also wish you a great 2011!!!

Keep in touch if you feel like it.


Mirela said...

Thank you so much! great blog by the way! Hope you´ll follow.

Take care!


Pratishtha Durga said...

I had a lousy 2009 (Lost my mother, marriage broke).
Had a terrible 2010 (filed for divorce, dad diagnosed with cancer)
2011 began badly (lost dad).
But hope is a funny thing. It floats. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

F. said...

You go girl! I like your determination ;) good luck!

xoxo F.

LIE said...

gorgeous post!!
Thank you for you lovely comment :)

fashion is for idiots [like us]

parisiennemoonlight said...

thanks !
I hope 2011 will be good for u

Sisters and Sisters said...

A great post!!

H&C from Amstetdam

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, happiness is so on the horizon for you, Jennifer. Hope is the leading cause of all happiness!! :P

Nina said...

thanks! cool pics girl!


mirjam schuurkamp! said...

Wow, its so true!
you need to be positive!
nd sometimes its so rough!
but what i always say
what doesnt kill you can only make you stronger!

thanks for commenting doll.

i have a new outfit post, maybe you can check?

xo model from holland.

everyday a new post.

Kristin said...

I feel ya...The last two years have been really challenging for my family too. Nowhere to go but up right? Here's to 2011!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I love this post! The feeling of hope is powerful... hope 2011 is wonderful :)

Missy said...

fingers crossed sweetie x

Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

Kristy said...

I really don't think if you keep this attitude next year looking back you'll cry, you might even smile :) x


Vicky said...

Great pics!

new post:Schneehase.&
follow me

The Candid Observer said...

You should read this book I am reading at the moment called, "The Difference Maker" by John C. Maxwell. I am not much of a reader, but this book is an eye opener.


Nia Langley said...

Such a really great post! And I love the picture of the lady in the dress with the javelin!

I hope you become all you inspire to be.


Nia Langley said...




Rachel said...

You can make it happen! Just think positive and believe in yourself. 2011 is going to be YOUR year!

btd. said...

It's really good you decided to turn yourself around this year. I knew you weren't going to stay miserable. Whatever gave you this push of happiness, I'm happy for it & I'm glad to see you being optimistic. Go Fabulous. <3

TheArtOf-Ana said...

las ftoos me flipan! :D

Heather Taylor said...

Most definitely it is! Remember this post if you ever feel down. You've got some magic in you and can turn it around for sure.

Annie said...

I think 2011 is going to be a great year for you and as long as you think so too then I really think it's a sure thing :) Just don't try to make too many changes at once and don't be too hard on yourself! Like the mineral water switch - a great small change that will have a big positive impact ;)
Glad you found my blog because now I found yours! Have a wonderful weekend!