Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Have a Great Weekend!

I just want to declare that I have the most awesome and sweetest blogging friends and readers in the entire world.

Your comments over the past week have really lifted my spirits and honestly, made life a little happier for me. Thank you! I feel so lucky to know such amazing people and have such support. :)

I also wanted to update you on the kid who verbally attacked me. The assistant principal of the high school called me yesterday to let me know the kid was found guilty, after school and bus administrators watched the bus footage of him harassing me. The kid is banned from riding the bus ever again, has after-school detention for the rest of the year, has to see a school psychologist once a week, and was given a "plethora of other punishments that will ultimately affect his grade." I truly hope that kid learned his lesson: racism is not cool and you don't mess with Indian girls!

Anyway, in the spirit of Halloween weekend, I thought I would share something that came out a week or so ago.

This video kind of freaked me out. It shows 1928 footage of a Charlie Chaplin film premiere where a woman appears to be talking on a cell phone. She seems to be gripping something to her ear and talking.

This video has made its way around the news recently, stirring up theories of time travel.

I don't know, the video gave me the creeps. I thought I would share it and see what you think.

And here I go with my blogging game again! I am determined to finish this damn thing. Haha.

Day Five: Six things you wish you could change or you wish you’d never done.

1. I wish I had been more careful with my body in the past three years, so these 30 pounds wouldn't exist right now.

2. I wish I had taken that fabulous job before I got laid off...and before they gave it to someone else.

3. I wish I had started working on my writing project earlier, rather than being depressed.

4. I wish I had been a better friend to her.

5. I wish I hadn't let him back into my life.

6. I wish I hadn't spent all my savings on clothing, handbags, and jewelry. I should have saved up for a new car.


Hope Adela said...

have a great halloween too! i'll def check out that fim clip-it sounds really interesting and weird! =)

Josie said...

Eeeerrrieeee about the Charlie Chaplin thing. I'm glad things are looking up for you, my dear! Have a fun weekend!
xo Josie

Vintage Vixen said...

Weird vid!
Thanks for the update, the school principal sounds a great guy and he's really taking this seriously. Let's hope this child learns from his ignorant outburst.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and feel the love and respect we all feel for you. xxx

Christopher said...

how would she get any phone service?

serves that kid right by teh way

style-haus said...

wow, i'm so sorry to hear you were harrassed by someone so ignorant that obviously lacks the appreciation for cultural diversity or need counseling of some sort altogether. glad he was reprimanded for it. the video is pretty mind boggling and such an intriguing mystery. the idea of time travel is so awesome.

BlueVanilla said...

Oh i sawll this! super creepy...hmmm you never know! Im glad your feeling slightly better...that kid deserves what he got...bigotry is never right!

Vikki said...

You deserve to have the most amazing fans in the world sweetie!!! <3

You have no idea how happy I am that moron was found guilty and punished for his idiocy!!!

Have a lovely weekend and Halloween hun!!!


Tanvi said...

Good that the boy got punished and will get guidance to solve his issues.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Venus In Virgo said...

Hope that fool learns his lesson! About the video, WOW, it's creepy but I'm not shocked because I believe in aliens so why not this lol! Your items on your list are creeping me out more because it's as if that list was written by me. Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween! XOXO

My Republic of Fashion said...

Have a fantastic weekend!:):)

PS That kid sounds nasty, capital N!


jamie-lee said...

I'm glad to hear that the issue got resolved - it sounds like the kid got what they deserved!

I always find it's better not to dwell on things you'd wished you'd done - perhaps it wasn't the right path for you.. you never know what's out there for you! x

JUST ME said...

Glad you're feeling better, mama.

I love how legitimate news outlets are reporting that the lady MIGHT be a time traveler.

If she was a time traveler, don't we think she'd be a little more careful? Talking on something that won't be invented for 100 years is kind of a HUGE blunder.

Vivek Nanda said...

Hey, howdy? Well few things that you talked about in this post- 1. Good that the boy got his pound of flesh, a bully should be bullied!! 2. I think you making your weight a big issue, somewhere I feel that you think its impossible to go back to your best and I'm Not happy with it. You got to believe that reducing weight is a difficult thing but not very difficult, trust me. Follow a decent diet, exercise and be disciplined. I'm sure you will reduce those extra pounds. 3. Video is certainly a good catch, different......Anyway, I hope you start doing the things that you love the most. Take Care n Cheers!!

Sherin said...

OMG, that video is so creepy!!! Can't believe it.

And I'm glad that kid got all those punishments. What a jerk!!!

daisychain said...

I'm so relieved that idiot is being punished.

Have a wonderful, marmite filled weekend lovely x

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

So glad he will be finally punished for thoe terrible act. Glad the headmaster is taking this very seriously; as one should. as for your weight; do not pressure yourself; begin with small steps as one reader said; follow a decent diet. have a nice weekend;-)

Savvy said...

Ohhh my goodness...I watched that clip earlier this week, and totally got goosebumps. So bizarre.

Missy said...

woah i got shivers from that video! glad that kid got what he deserved!

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Punctuation Mark said...

i saw the video and it creeped me out to... hope you're having a great halloween weekend!

btd. said...

I'm glad the boy got punished, he deserved it, and he will learn his lesson.
I would watch this video right now, if wasn't alone, lol. :)
I wish I was careful with my body also. =/

Keith said...

Hello there. I wanted to leave you a comment letting you know that my computer has died. I did do one last post before I have to take my hiatus from blogging. I hope you'll check it out. I'd love to see your comments. I'm hoping to be back asap. I'll miss your blog while I'm gone. Take care. Enjoy the week ahead.

Anonymous said...

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