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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jennifer Who?

I have the misfortune of being a subscriber to US Weekly's daily newsletter.

And I have the misfortune of being too lazy to unsubscribe.

So, my breaking news in the mornings comes in the form of shameless celebrity gossip.

Lately everyone has been gabbing about the separation of Jenny from the Block and her mousy husband, Marc Anthony.

And as an US Weekly subscriber, I get to learn the entire story, whether I like it or not!

Marc cheated with a flight attendant. Marc wanted J.Lo to dress demurely. Marc eats babies for breakfast.

I've heard it all.

Now on Facebook there are dumbasses taking this split way too seriously and there have been "teams" formed. Some people are on Team Marc ("J.Lo cheated on HIM!") and Team Jennifer ("Marc is a MONSTER!").

Well, I don't like to be left out of hot debates, so I decided to join in the fun with my own team:

Team Dayanara

That's right, bitches.

Before Marc Anthony married the other half of Bennifer, he was married to former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres.

He, in fact, left Dayanara for the spoiled pop star in 2004.

Here is her story.

This Puerto Rican beauty's life began as a fairytale.

When she was 17, Dayanara was walking down a street of her hometown when she was invited to participate in the Miss Puerto Rico pageant.

She not only ended up winning the entire competition, but at 18, she went on to win the Miss Universe crown.

She went from rags to riches overnight.

After winning, she became a huge movie star in the Philippines and in Puerto Rico.

She also started to dedicate her life to helping others. She became an ambassador for UNICEF. She created the Dayanara Torres Foundation, which provides scholarships to poor students in Puerto Rico and the Philippines. She also writes books.

In 2000, Dayanara married the love of her life (or so she thought), Marc Anthony. The couple have two sons together.

It was a rocky marriage because of Marc's exhaustive infidelity.

The last straw was when he started to have an affair with Jennifer Lopez only a year after he and Dayanara had renewed their vows.

The couple divorced in 2004.

According to their divorce settlement, Dayanara is prohibited from speaking ill of Marc Anthony in public. If she does, she could be fined $10,000.

But even if the ban had not been put into place, it would not matter. Dayanara has too much grace to speak disparagingly of her ex-husband. She admitted that she was absolutely heartbroken when he left her for another woman. She has admitted that the pain was so agonizing and intense, it felt like it would never go away. But she does not hate him. Their marriage simply did not work out.

Fortunately, Dayanara's life seems to be getting back on track. She obviously has discovered that she could do a lot better in the guy department.

And she knows that making the world a better place is a lot more admirable than being famous for shitting out generic pop songs.

Who's having the last laugh now?


indianmakeupways said...

this is such a cool post. didnt know about dayanara...she seems like quite a catch! she looks so stunning!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I had no idea Jennifer Lopez is seperated from her husband, but this is the beauty of your blog;-)
Had no idea of his ex wife either.
Am sure both women have wonderful human qualities. A marriage is such a private and intimate thing. The public never really knows the real reasons behind a breakup.

jos xx said...

i didn't know this stuff about marc, of course he's a monster!!!! and I used to like jennifer so much, after this reading, i'm not so sure about it anymore! she used to have an affair with a married man with kids - that's disgusting! but worst of them is that rat of a man - how could he cheat on a wonderful woman like his ex?!

thanks for sharing this post!

jos xx

Josie said...

Oh, Marc. So not cool. I didn't know much about Dayanara; she's gorgeous!
xo Josie

Sherin said...

Haha, love this. (I'm too lazy to unsubscribe to various mailings as well). And good to know why J.Lo and Anthony broke up!

Dayanara Torres is gorgeous!!! I can't believe HE left HER. Idiot. She sounds amazing as well. I immediately love anyone who's a UNICEF ambassador.

Samantha said...

She's gorgeous, and what an inspiring story! I think Marc Anthony is pretty meh. In any case, no one deserves a cheating jerk.


-E- said...

isn't that the gentleman from prison break!?

Tanvi said...

So not cool! ... and good for her ... for moving on and making a better life for herself!!

♡ from ©

Audrey Allure said...

Haha, I'm not much of a fan of either J.Lo or Marc but I had no idea about Dayanara!

socialitedreams said...

i knew of the ex wife but not this much info! loved the post, she sounds inspiring...why she was with that ugly half dead cretin is beyond me

Anonymous said...

I love this post...and I honestly couldn't agree more. However, I do like to read US Weekly...haha...does this make me a bad person? ;)

Shannon said...

I learn so much from you, chick.

What an awesome life story. Even if Marc ruined her marriage, this lady has her **** together and is rocking her fame.

Belly B said...

You are like the funnest encyclopedia EVER. I had no idea about Dayanara! I thought Marc Anthony was such a Prince at first because of his (seemingly) flawless relationship with J.Lo. But now, I'm re-evaluating lol. Dayanara seems like such a lovely person! :D
You write a persuasive post, missy!

<3 Belly B

Meri said...

haha- whenever I pick up a mag similar to US weekly or people, I feel like I have to do all of this detective work to figure out who the people are that are in the stories- I maybe do things backwards and should watch the news or at least get out a bit more first!

Vix said...

I don't know much about Jo-Lo or her husband. His ex looks to be a stunner and her new man is very cute indeed. Good luck to them all, I'd hate to live under constant scrutiny from the media, I'm amazed the marriage lasted as long as it did. x

Alicia said...

Marc Anthony is fugly. Team Dayanara!

Olga said...

I'm not the biggest fan of this singer, although I must admit that some of the songs are great for cutting onions in the kitchen :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I like your take on the story :) And it was interesting to read, because I never knew much about Marc and especially not about him prior J.Lo. But, as I like to say, we will never know the whole truth and whatever we might think has happened can be really far from reality. That's why we shouldn't care as much, right :)

Rose from Rosedale said...

Great post. I love new perspectives and you just gave me one thank you!!!

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Great post, and more interesting than those dumb gossip newsletters if you ask me. What a strikingly beautiful woman. They say what goes around comes around eh? Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

Movies on my Mind said...

Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Coming from a family of lawyers, I advise you to scrap that statement saying Mr. Anthony eats babies for breakfast. Very libellous, Ms. Fabulous. (Wow, that actually rhymes.)

Bren at B So Chic!™ said...

im with you, though im so tired of all this gossip. i just had to leave a comment b/c that man she's with at the end is too fine for words! ick, Marc.

B So Chic!™

L.Voss said...

All that can be said to that is HOLLA

Mouthwash said...

I love the last two sentences of this post! So true. I don't have anything against J. Lo, but seriously, that last song of hers w/ Pitbull is annoying. Pitbull is annoying. I don't think he really knows Spanish. All he says is "dalé". I mean I don't even know if it's an "e" or an "é". But whatever. Still doesn't change that J.Lo gets turned on by her own self in the music video. LOL


Venus In Virgo said...

Informative. I know everything about J Lo know. I wish the children stay happy at least. Hey you can win a Hold Me bag if you check out my blog. Good Luck and Happy weekend XOXO

Evil Nelly said...

whaaa? Mousy Mark left this goddess of a woman for Jay Ho? unbelievable! said...

Great post, Jennifer. I had no idea. She is gorgeous. I think J.Lo is too, but not nearly as sophisticated looking as Dayanara.

The JLo-Anthony split shouldn't shock the world. They were off and on for years, and she rebounded into his arms when Bennifer ended...As usual, there are kids who have to pay the price. That's the sad part.

Be well.

Alyssa said...

I see! I never knew about this! I never really like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony together anyway. I like Jennifer Lopez though ha. However, what goes around comes around. Dayanara seems to be doing just fine and she is beautiful inside and out! Entertaining post :]

Check out my new posts!
-The BF Mashup

Comtesse de ferveur said...

A brilliant take on this big story. The most likeable character of the whole situation!

Sarah said...

I didn't realise that Marc Anthony was with Dayanara before J Lo. Definitely team Dayanara!


Miladies said...

We haven't known that story, thank you for telling us it :)

Kisses from


Wida said...

So pretty!

Missing Amsie Blog

Girl about town.... said...

That guy is from prison break! I am glad she has found happiness, it must be so horrible to divorce.

Girl about Town XxX

StyleIDnet said...

'3' (or 4 or 6)thumbs up for this post .... I can only say: I join you in the Dayanara team. Soft-spoken, discrete, decent girl. I always though she deserved better.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

So with you! Dayanara is one classy lady and Marc...well he has been one lucky guy.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Bonnie said...

What I want to know is this --- How in the HELL does Skeletor keep getting all of these hot women????
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Ann said...

I'm with you...

I don't care much about that diva J.Lo nor her hubby skeletor...

I'm a Filipino and Dayanara Torres will always have a special place in our hearts... she's so sweet and beautiful ♥

zenegra said...

hey thanks for sharing this, i liked watching this lady pics, they are awesome,,

lasophia said...

This ish is hilarious. My fave parts being Marc eats babies and J-lo shits pop songs. Theyre both creepers. Funny how this whole miss universe thing was under the radar in the U.S. People need to watch them some Univision. haha.


Ocean Dreams said...

I always read your blog posts word for word girl. This one was great!! Gosh stupid Marc truly missed out on an incredible woman, but truly deserves better regardless.

She's gorgeous, inside and out!!

Roxanne said...

great post, I also love dayanara because she was a former actress here in the Philippines.. nice blog! ;)

btw- thanks for dropping by my blog, hope to see more of your post ;)