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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Anniversary

So, Rian and I had our three year anniversary yesterday.

I got home from work bursting with excitement.

"Are you taking me someplace special?," I asked, with a wink. He stared at me blankly. I froze. "You know it's our anniversary, right?" I continued. Recognition in his eyes lit up.

"Oh yeah," he said. "I guess we could go out to dinner."

He guesses?! He GUESSES?!

Needless to say, I was scowling when we got in the car.

"Can I pick the place?" he asked, hopefully. I shrugged. It better be good, I thought to myself.

We started heading downtown and I perked up. Maybe he was taking me somewhere fancy!

"I'm really in the mood for pizza," he said, naming a generic sports bar he knows I can't stand.

My blood turned to ice.

"What?" I said, stonily.

He shrugged.

"I just really want pizza," he said, looking with concern at my stank face.

I hastily listed our favorite Indian, Ethiopian, and Middle-Eastern restaurants that were nearby. He shook his head on all of them. He wasn't in the mood.

"Fine, let's go get your damn pizza," I retorted, holding back tears.

He started going the wrong way until we were going in circles. I closed my eyes and tried not to scream. He knew perfectly well his fucking sports bar was left, not right.

We ended up pulling in front of the fanciest French restaurant in town, a place I had always longed to go to but never had the courage to ask, because of the crazy expensive prices.

"We can go here if you like," he said, shrugging.

I felt bad.

"No, let's just go get pizza," I said. "It's getting late and this place is too expensive. Plus, you need reservations. You can't just pop in. It's not McDonald's."

But he insisted on checking out the menu.

As soon as we got inside, the waiter rushed over to us.

"You must be Rian," he said, his eyes lighting up at my boyfriend. "Your table is ready now."

Um, what?

We were escorted to a private table, next to the window, overlooking the downtown skyline.

Rian shot a triumphant look at me. Pizza, indeed! He was pretty pleased with his little scheme. I wanted to smack him (and then kiss him).

Delighted with the surprise, I was in a much better mood. I drank three glasses of pink champagne.

The only hitch was when I tried to order a chicken entree and accidentally ordered kangaroo. I refused to eat it until Rian told me that kangaroos are actually rude and violent animals, unlike the cuddly and friendly ones depicted in Winnie the Pooh. So, feeling better, I gobbled it down. It was pretty good!

After a romantic candle-lit dinner at the French restaurant, Rian took me to my favorite Italian restaurant for dessert.

We were the only ones sitting at the bar, so we got a cozy little spot in front of a giant roaring fireplace.

Rian let me order two glasses of this fancy red dessert wine ($20 a glass, holy hell) and we split tiramisu.

He told this long and winding story about how he went to my favorite gelato place to buy me a gift certificate but they were closed for construction. I tried not to let my face show my disappointment.

"So, I got you this instead," he said, pulling a long jewelry box out of his pocket.

I opened it and gasped. It was a sapphire necklace. I burst into tears.

"I'm sorry, Jenny," said Rian, alarmed. "I'll get you the gelato gift certificate another time. At another place!"

Then, I explained to him that I was not crying because I preferred gelato, but because I was not expecting such a beautiful gift. And then I smothered him with kisses.


It was a beautiful and wonderful and romantic and perfect night.

Sadly, as soon we got home, Rian tried to be romantic with me, but to his disappointment I quickly passed out from all the champagne and wine.


Oh well, I'll make up for it later. ;)


Robin said...

What a rollercoaster ride. Sounds amazing!

Mouthwash said...

Awwee!! How sweet! He did such a good job at acting! It sounds like you ended up having a lovely time. Congrats on the jewelry!



Anonymous said...

Wow what a night! So glad it had an amazing ending!! :)

Happy anniversary to you guys!!


Ela said...

Jen, I have not laughed more at any of your posts. I just about died.

Goodness me, I totes knew where this was heading once he asked for pizza but still teared up when you confirmed where he took you. What a sweetie!!!
Then I snorted up a freakin storm at finding out you ate some Roo when all you wanted was chicken. Violent really??? Did not know that. That's how pandas are too - but gosh they're cute.
Oh and the gelato necklace, snorts and giggles galore over here. I die.

Oh and back when I used to drink - yes i had a $24 glass (shot glass) of dessert wine too! Gosh that was 9 years ago so have no idea if it costs even more now. The best thing I've ever tasted hands down!

Happy weekend and Belated Happy Anniversary hon!!!

Iva said...

WOOOHOOO!! Happy 3 year anniversary!!

Leah said...

I had goosebumps while reading the story. He is just sooooo sweet. happy anniversary to both of you.

Couture Carrie said...

So sweet, darling! You look so lovely and happy! Happy Anniversary!


Leia said...

Aww, what a nice boyfriend! Happy anniversary :)

Maria Confer said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Men and their schemes. Don't they realize that they drive us mad!!!

Love his surprises and gift!!


Ciao, how are you? J'aime your post, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!

"I've tried to find a new elegance. It's not easy because people want to be shocked. They want explosive fashion. But explosions don't last, they disappear immediately and leave nothing but ashes."- Giorgio Armani


Couture Cookie said...

You look beautiful in the picture! And what an adorable bf you have - you're a lucky girl! xoxoxoxo

cupcake♥trash said...

What a fun story to read! haha, I was getting pissed at him at the beginning, but then changed to "aaaawwww"

The Novelista Barista said...

aweeeee that was really cuteeeeeee :)

Barry said...


I'm so glad this story had a happy ending Jen. It's great to see you smiling (I mean hell, look at the pics in your last post compared to this one). We need to see your teeth more often. lol

I guess there's hope for us men after all huh? :)


anhesty said...

awwwww so sweet!!!!!!!!!! sounds like you had a fab night :D

Fashion Court said...

that is such a sweet story!

Sherin said...

Awww, he his so sweet. I loved reading this story!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said... are a ray of sunshine! I just adore you!

What a fabulous post and you are one very lucky lady to have such a great guy! Happy Anniversary!!

Now go make Rian LUCKY!! *WINK*

Melanie's Randomness said...

awww!!! Oh I knew he had to be up to something. That's so cute. Omg it would have driven me nuts if it was me. But awww, that's really adorable that he came through & you guys had a wonderful night. Sapphire necklace??? Woa lucky girl. Does he have a brother? =P hehe just kidding.

I'm so glad you got a night out on the town and its SOOO nice to see you Smiling in this photo!! You guys are so cute, congrats on the anniversary!! *Mwah*

Sophie said...

Aw wow!! I loved reading this post its so amazing and romantic. You are so lucky! And it sounds like you had a lovely night. xo

Tights Lover said...

Oh he's good! That is such a great story, I enjoyed reading every word!

Seems like a lot of planning was done for the suprise and he pulled it all off. Well done.

I'm sure you must've loved the necklace...Happy Anniversary!

Pop Champagne said...

Awww what a sweet story!! Love the surprises that he gave you and $20/glass wow! glad it was a great night for you :)

yeah i'm not a big jennifer garner fan either. she just seems kind of mediocre lol

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

awww, i love this! Congrats and happy anniversary sounds like a lovely evening

OceanDreams said...

Oh my goodness, he certainly pulled that off well even though he made it seem like he forgot, ha ha! I would say you were nicely rewarded and got yummy icecream to boot, so happy for you! Hope you enjoy your weekend and make it up to him. ha ha.

Stephanie said...

Oh, I am so excited for you. I know it seemed crappy at first, but it turned into such a romantic date. Oh, I am such a sap for happy endings. :) I am glad your night turned perfect.

Ela said...

Seriously, anyone who'd be "bored" by illiterate...or dead.

Um, use any terms you want, chickie :)

Missy said...

ah so sweet!

For all things fashion:

Liv said...

Aaawww... that's the sweetest thing, thanks for sharing that! I'm all gooey inside now! :-)
Happy Anniversary!!

Eggy said...

ahhaha man are brave soul for eating it. that is a cute story and kudos to your boyfriend for being so thoughtful! happy anniversary girl!!

Julie said...

what a cute story! What does Kangaroo taste like?

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

It sounds like a movie! of course, taking out the passing out @ the end of the night...

I want that.... :)

beckyxoxo said...

awww what a romantic night ! you must be so happy and shocked . haha . your boyfriend is so sweet . :) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! i love reading this post . haha .

FB @ said...

OH MY GOD I love you and your boyfriend together :)

I refused to eat it until Rian told me that kangaroos are actually rude and violent animals, unlike the cuddly and friendly ones depicted in Winnie the Pooh


"I'm sorry, Jenny," said Rian, alarmed. "I'll get you the gelato gift certificate another time. At another place!"

You two are so funny and cute....

Anonymous said...

I've never had Kangaroo. But I'd like to try it now, if they're mean little creatures :P

Style on a String

Christina Lee said...

Now THAT"S a story--He is GOOD!!! But really, kangaroo??? wow!

Imogen said...

Congratulations on three years. I like the way you wrote that. It made me feel really involved and emotive like how you might have been feeling at the time. What a nice night, thats so sweet. Your picture is very lovely and you should show us the necklace sometime.

FabBlab said...

Hahah! Aw, it was such a cute surprise! Glad you had fun on your special day, lady!

Belated Happy Anniversary, J! Love love love,

Jen Ben said...

Oh Rian, you suave devil, you! Glad you had a wonderful evening Jenny-Benny, you deserve the best everytime! Love you and happy anniversary to you both! XOXO!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

I absolutely love when boys do romantic things; and Rian did something tres romantic! Glad your evening was fabulous! :)

daisychain said...

oh, what a wonderful story,
I'm so glad you had an amazing night.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing darling
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

The Haute-Shopper said...

Loved reading this! Men are actually more romantic than we give them credit for ;-) My guy is pretty good with remembering anniversaries (better than me actually... hmmm). I'm glad you had such a lovely evening and how sweet of him to get you such an amazing gift + that restaurant reservation! By the way, I'm surprised a French restaurant would serve kangaroo, but kudos to you for eating that dish!

Julia said...

What a sweet boyfriend, and tricky too! I'm glad you ended up having an amazing night despite the initial disappointment. Can't wait to see your new saphire necklace!



Some Girl said...

Happy Anniversary!

Niki B. said...

congratulations on your anniversary! glad it ended well. cheers!


Julls said...

Thank you for the comment ! Love your blog and some of the outfits are really good !

I will follow you !

Valeriesoh said...

Hey babe,

that sounds good!!!!! soooo jealous of you! how was he food that night? look super cute


English Rose said...

Awwww!! That is sooo romantic!!! Congratulationss!

Christine L. said...

Awww, So cute! I wish you guys all the best! haha. I like this post. :)

M. and O. said...

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Liya said...

aw cuuuuuute
glad your night turned out so well girlie

MJ said...

Oh amazing! I would say you're a lucky girl, but you're so amazing you deserve a guy as great as him... Show us the necklace? :)

Ashley said...

Aw that's super sweet!

Keith said...

Wow. That sounds like quite a night. I'm glad that you had a wonderful time. Congrats!

Sandy said...

Hey Jennifer,
What an awesome guy! I'm so happy for you. FYI - I wrote for you on my blog a few days ago ... it's called "Combatting Negativity". I hope you get a chance to check it out. Have a fabulous day!

dapper kid said...

Awwwww hahah, what an amazing surprise! YAY :) Sounds like you both had a wonderful time. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)

Tom Bailey said...

Jewelry makes any day great for a woman. I am always curious to know how he knew what you liked in jewelry etc?

Sounds like a perfect day for you.

Vicki said...

what a great night! your boyfriend is no devious/romantic!! :) xx

NICOLE said...

Yay!! What a sweet story and wow--great guy, much?? Enjoy your lovely necklace and keep the memory of that day, close to your heart :) xoxo, Nicole

Kerrie della Rovere said...

Delightful. Utterly and sheerly delightful.

Tink in My Closet said...

So your life is like fairytale come true.. You sure have an amazing man to call your partner:)

Gerri Ward said...

WOW! What a fab weekend you had, Congratulations on the beautiful necklace!:)
p.s. I missed reading your posts because I have been busy working two jobs but I'm back in the blogosphere so now I won't miss a post of yours!:))

Dina's Days said...

Ha! I love it! Happy anniversary and I'm glad you had such a nice dinner.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.