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Journalist. Mother. Bunny enthusiast. Pop culture junkie.

Monday, November 2, 2009

RIP Laptop Fabulous

It finally happened. My laptop died today.

The computer staff at Best Buy said the computer cannot be salvaged and they are unsure if they could even save my hard drive. The laptop was pretty old. I got it for my high school graduation, which was seven years ago.

I am very sad and in desperate need of a hug.

Fortunately, Rian is letting me borrow his laptop when he is not using it. But tonight that only means I get it for ten minutes. So this is going to be a quick post.

I cannot afford a new laptop right now. This couldn't have happened at a worst time. It is even more devastating to me because if they can't save my hard drive, that means I lose a lot of valuable files. Family photos, short stories, poems, and even work-related documents.

I hate technology.

Well, I didn't want to end this post on a depressing note, so I'm putting up a photo of two things I am obsessed with: bunny and Coke.

I hope you are all having a better week than I am!


Closet Full of Nothing said...

hahah aww the bunny is so cute!

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

I have so many stories about computers. Once again you have given me a great idea for a post.

I am so sorry about your computer. In the future, when you have some money, see if you can find a good computer on Craigslist.

I will tell you my computer stories soon on my blog.

I hope your week ends on a better note.

Buenos deseos,


Get a Mac, they last forever! ;)


jane st. clair said...


i'm so sorry about your laptop. i hope you can work something out soon. :(

Sophie said...

Aw no thats so awful! I hope the computer store manage to save your hard drive, its so sad to lose all your files. But on a happier note that bunny is sooo cute! xo

The Haute-Shopper said...

Ugh, sorry about the laptop. Mine actually died a few months after I graduated and because it was still under warranty, the store had it sent back to headquarters. They repaired it and sent it back... only it got lost on the way. I was beyond bummed (and seriously annoyed), because of all the files that were still on it. Of course the only good thing was that they paid for a new one, but it doesn't really compare to losing all your personal files.

Hopefully they can at least salvage the hard drive on yours. Perhaps there's a way you can get a used one for a lower price? People are replacing their laptops every few years you might be lucky.

Love that pic by the way! That must have been one hyper bunny after the Coke ;-)

beckyxoxo said...

aww i'm sorry to hear about your computer ! i hope they can save the hard disk . my laptop died too a year ago , and i was so frustrated because i was writing a novel , which was already 100 pages at that time . but fortunately it wasn't deleted . i hope the same thing will happen to you too dear ! have a nice day ! xoox .

Imogen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this and I hope you can regain your files. I really love that last photo you posted.

Denise said...

I Am Denise Katipunera

oh this is so sad. made me think of my own laptop now. My laptop is about 6 years old now. The battery is almost dead so i have to plug it all the time. hihihi. But i have an extra hard drive so if this one finally decided to rest in peace.

that is a very very cute bunny.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Sydnie said...

I'm so sorry about your laptop! I know just how you feel; my laptop is my life, and I don't know what I'd do if I lost it. Best of luck to you, darling ... I know you'll get through it!

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Anonymous said...

Aw that blows! I havent even bought a laptop yet but I feel like those things break in a second! (im not down with technology) haha

Christina Lee said...

love that sweet bunny. Yikes about the computer- my biggest fear- sorry!

yiqin; said...

Ohman, that sucks :(

fashion and style said...

that bunny so cute and funny!!

yiqin; said...

The rabbit is so cute!!

مى said...

OMG that bunny's adorable! i love your blog, will make sure I catch up on it xx

Keith said...

I am so sorry to hear about your laptop. That's terrible news. I feel so bad for you. I definitely hope you will be able to get another one sooner than you think. Take care. I wish you the best.

daisychain said...

I cried when my laptop broke, I hope you get something sorted soon.

OMG I cant stop squeeing at the bunny. So freaking cute.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your laptop died. I am keeping my fingers crossed that, regardless of saving your laptop, that the Best Buy staff will be able to save your hard drive. I've lost extremely important documents in the past, and know how devastating it can be - especially when it involves your writing or family stuff. I hope everything works out.

And yay for a cute bunny with Coke! :)

L.T. said...

Cute bunny photo haha It sucks how laptops die! Hopefully you saved everything you needed on something else

FabBlab said...

Awww. *Hug*
It's happened to me twice but those were virus issues and I just forgot to back-up my work.
And I am a total PC girl. While mac's are totally pretty, I will always maintain that nothing is as user-friendly as PC.
Mostly I was bummed because I lost lots of inspiration folders, written files (including resume copies which I had to redo), and a whole lot of music.Personal pictures were on facebook so I could just save em again.

And the picture= Awww!
I love bunnies :)

cupcake♥trash said...

Just last week my macbook's hard drive completely crashed. The tech guy tried 4 different programs to extract all of my info, he couldn't retrieve anything. I lost 2,000 photos and over 7,000 songs :( I feel your pain girl. I'm sorry it happened to you.

Tights Lover said...

Sorry about your laptop! I feel like everybody, myself included, is having trouble in that department lately. I hope they can at least save the hard drive.

Love the bunny, though...hahaha.

Leah said...

I think your hard drive can still be salvaged. Look for a technician online who can do it for you.

I also have similar experiences with my computers before so I always have a back-up file in an external hard drive.

Damsels said...

oh no !
dont worry things will look up ..i wish i could buy a laptop right now ... i have to use my bfs and the ones at school .
it sucks .. sorry to hear this happened to you

Missy said...

ah poor laptop. that bunny is just too cute!

For all things fashion:

Barry said...

Awww, BIG HUG sweetie! I've been there before and your heart sinks, it's all-consuming isn't it? Hope fully you can get another one soon at a decent price, perhaps second-hand as some have suggested.

Christmas is around the corner, so who knows. Maybe Santa will come early? Hopefully he'll also bring a flash drive for back-up.

And if the Geek Squad at best Buy can't retrieve your hard drive, I wouldn't take that as a final answer. Instead I'd go for a second opinion at a reputable local computer store.

Never EVER give up until you know you're toast. :)


Inspiration in Italy said...

So sorry about your laptop, love! I must say though, this post was genius to end with that bunny photo! Amazing, I love your blog.

Mrs. M. said...

oh no my thoughts are with you!!! Losing a laptop is the worst. All that time and effort you spend accumulating the crap on there only to lose it all in a matter of moments. WHat a bummer!

Emily said...

sorry about your laptop :( seven years is quite a while. i'm surprised that it lasted that long!! my first laptop only lasted 3 years (and that was only 3 years ago!!!)

Couture Carrie said...

So sorry about your laptop, darling!

That bunny is too adorable!


Aurora said...

hahaha love that bunny. sorry.

lorenabr said...

Oh poor you! I understand it happend to me a few X! :( I hope you have better days soon.

dapper kid said...

Oh no, that sucks! Hope you manage to get a new one soon. And aww that photograph is amazing. Hope you're having a lovely day :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh no hun I'm sorry to hear this. I hate technology too. I have two desktop PC's in my bedroom that are currently not working. I would fix them but I don't have the cash right now. Computers drive me insane!! Best Buy does have really good deals on laptops & there are reward things you can do to get money back for free. Good luck!!! =)

Stephanie said...

Don't you hate when Computer's die. It always happens when you need it the most. And you never realize how important it is until you don't have it. Trust me been there done that TWICE. Sad but true. haha :)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your laptop- that totally sucks! I have had the same problem with electronics this week- it must be something in the air. Ugh! I am sending you a *BIG HUG* to make you feel better!! :)


P.S. How adorable is that bunny?!!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your computer! I do hope they can salvage your hard drive. I hope a computer finds it way to you!!

Adorable photo!!

Love and hugs,

Maria Confer said...

I am so very sorry to hear about the demise of your laptop! I keep thinking my computer is about to do the same!

Love that bunny.

lancelonie said...

That is so depressing! I know how you feel as it happened to me, about twice. I didn't have the back-up of my precious photos... What a bummer!

Hop you're ok now... And what a very cute picture you posted at the very end. I like it! :)

Lisa said...

cutest bunny ever! So sorry about your laptop...that happened to me not too long ago and it was AWFUL. Hope you can somehow salvage some of your files.

Some Girl said...

AH NO that makes me sad.
A dead laptop all those files lost. :(
That reminds me of that one SATC episode with Carrie and her laptop. If you can, get a Mac and an external hard drive. There's a duo that can do no wrong.

Couture Cookie said...

OMG, what a cute bunny! He looks like my little dwarf rabbit who died. :(

I am so sorry about your laptop! I know how you feel - same thing happened to me except mine was stolen and insurance didn't cover it. I didn't have anything saved!

Try to find a used computer on Craigslist? And a backup drive!!


Little Red said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your laptop! I'm sure you will get a new one in no time!

Anika said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your laptop. Maybe check out some 'deal' websites for cheaper laptops.

I've recently had major drama with my old laptop. Luckily my good mate is an IT expert and told me to put everything on hard drive. Which I did.

So I would recommend once you get the newbie.....back it all up on the hard drive. They are portable and pretty reasonable.

p.s. love the bunny :D

Anonymous said...

good luck darling!
and thanks for the sweet comments

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OceanDreams said...

I'm sorry about your laptop but at least your BF is letting you borrow his, that is sweet! :) Bunnies are adorable. I used to own them growing up. Do you have one? Aww, I miss mine now!

Kristin said...

UGH, what a pain. I'm so sorry! Isn't that the way of it? Things like that always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. What a bummer. Hope you are able to get a new one soon!

Sadako said...


Patty Ann said...

omgggggggggg major cuteness!!!!!! i'm going to faint from the cuteness here!!! so small and uber fluffy!!

Jasmine said...

Awwh that sucks about your laptop! But the bunny is amazingly cute!